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At Dalinghaus Construction Inc, we're here to help you with all those pesky foundation repairs that make your house so hard to live in. From cracked drywall and uneven floors to sticky doors and uneven floors, concrete lifting in Irvine got you covered. If you're tired of paying for foundation repairs only to find out that your insurance company will fix them (or worse, let the contractor bill you), don't settle for anything less than peace of mind. That's why we offer lifetime warranty coverage on our steel pier systems—no matter how long they last! We are one of the most recognized foundation repair specialists in Orange County and boast years of combined construction experience. We are here to help you as we love our people! We strive to create the best possible customer experience for homeowners during every foundation repair service. So never settle and schedule your free no-obligation foundation inspection today!


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Ever wonder what lifting a home 7 inches looks like?🤔 
Check out our lift in Dana Point on a hillside home that had settled almost 8 entire inches!😳 
Why do you think this home settled in the first place?? 
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Our Inspector, Armando Sandoval, performed the initial foundation inspection on this beautiful 1960’s home in Mission Viejo, CA.  Unfortunately, Armando came across multiple signs of a settling foundation and ultimately measured 5.9 inches of settlement.  He designed a repair plan consisting of helical piers to stabilize the home from future settling, and attempt to lift the home in the process.

This is footage from Jesse and his crew’s hard work!  We lifted the home to maximum practical recovery after installing the 11 helical piers to competent, load-bearing strata.  We’re in this city pretty often with foundation repair projects, mainly due to the amount of clay present in the soils all around Mission Viejo.
Installing 15 helical piles to load bearing strata in Laguna Niguel earlier this week!💪🏽 
This home with a beautiful view has settled well over 3 inches and has began moving laterally towards the massive slope in the backyard!  Our team at @dalinghausconstruction will attempt to lift this home to recover the 3+ inches of settlement before stabilizing the home and preventing any movement in the future. 
Have you ever seen a home being lifted? 
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Teamwork makes the dream work💪🏽 
Especially when installing an interior helical pier on a hillside Santa Ana home that has settled several inches! 
It’s not often we need to install a helical through flooring inside a home, but when there’s no access to the footing from the outside or from underneath.. it’s the only option we have. 
Luckily, this home was vacant and right in the middle of a remodel, but once the #FoundationRepair project was completed you couldn’t tell we were even there. 
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Happy #FatHeadFriday💪🏽 
It’s been a couple of weeks but we’re back with the big heads!  We recently checked in with Isaac at a new construction helical pile project just a few blocks away from Knott’s Berry Farm. 
Here he and our Superintendent, Joe, hydraulically drive a helical pier down to competent, load-bearing strata.  The GC on the project wanted to use helicals as an alternative to the originally designed concrete caissons because not only were they more cost effective but it also allowed his team to get the project wrapped up significantly sooner. 
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We specialize in repairing foundations, but every once in awhile things can’t be repaired and instead need to be replaced! 
Recently we completed a large, multi-structure foundation replacement project in the city of Riverside, CA. 
These photos are just before the forms were put in place and the new concrete footings were poured for these century old homes. 
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Just a little core drill and it’s operator💪🏽 
This is one of our foremen, Axle, manning the core drill at recent #FoundationRepair project where he and his crew installed vertical helical piles and helical tiebacks on a detached garage in the Upland area. 
The garage floor level is just above where the core drill is mounted and if you look really close you can see a crack running across the stucco just about exactly where the floor is. 
Over time the back half of this garage not only began to settle or sink, but also showed signs of leaning or lateral movement😳 
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