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Pre-Order Start! ✨️

Pre-orders for our new over the knee sock designs are now live! Each design is woven with sparkly silver thread to give the design more dazzle! There are 6 designs spread across 20 colorways~

1. Glorious Funeral 
2. Dandy Party
3. Star Shower
4. Good Luck
5. RIP Dandy
6. Harlequinade

Pre-orders will be open from today 05/15 to 06/30 with an estimated delivery of November 2023. Quantities are more limited than previously and I really need the support to be able to produce these so please make sure to pre-order before the deadline~

PLEASE NOTE: Silver thread is not stretchy so the more silver thread the design has, the less stretchy it will be so the sizing and softness will be a little different. Additionally silver thread is more expensive so there is a slight price increase.
Sample preview! I've been working on a new ita apron design and it's almost ready, something more cute in the shape of a heart ❤️ Just one small change and it'll be ready for crowdfunding hopefully in late May/early June! Like our previous aprons, it'll have an extended size. What colors would you like to see~? I'm thinking white, pastel yellow, mint, sax, lavender, black, and wine for unlocking. This peachy pink isn't final, I'll be switching to a darker pink as the main color but let me know if I should consider peach too!

Reminder we're still having a 40% off sale! Every order seriously helps me continue product development, especially this year when everything is more expensive and shipment mishaps keep happening 😅 I sincerely appreciate any support whether it's liking posts or shopping our shop or checking out our Ko-fi, it really means a lot!
My clothing samples for my Carnival Puppet collection came in!! 💗
Cotton candy prince & princess 🌸

Lots to still work on so it's quite a few months away but I'm so happy so far ☺️☺️☺️ Next colorway will be Black and White and I can't wait to see how totally different the vibe is 🖤
Thanks for the love on the sock pre-order so far! 🖤 The RIP Dandy OTKs seem like a favorite so far so here are some worn photos! My calves at the widest are 18 inches and my above knee measurement is 21 inches. I'm wearing Size 2. Dandy Ghost is a mascot I made way back in 2021 so I'm happy I can finally share him! A proper gentleman, he died horrifically and is dedicated to living his best luxurious afterlife 👻

Pants: Kaneko
Shoes: Fluevog
Jester Apron V2 Update!

I received the package with the Jester Apron & Collar remakes so these will ship this week! Thanks so so much for your patience and understanding! Because the initial package went missing, I had to re-order the replacements so unfortunately there will be no extra inventory of the additional colorways. Maybe if there's interest, I'll do a new crowdfund one day
Pink brooches 💗💗💗
Our new Cursed Bear & Soda Float Brooches are now available on our online shop! 🥤🐻

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