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The truth will set you free.


Look at deeds not words. Do not be moved by the emotions first look who is leading and where to?  Are you hearing what they want you to hear listen well… the snakes voice is pleasurable poison.
I call this Motivational - Insight

stay strong and prosper despite the mass psychosis.
Mark Passio someone who's very passionate about teaching "Natural Laws" in this video he talks about his expierence with what happening in our medical fields and his first hand view of their manipulation. 

Ask yourself why we have so many sick humans and why there still is no cure for cancer atleast not in the public.

Well... multiple allegations of human trafficking, Some cases of minors... The Manson case just getting worse and worse. 


Credits to Yebo @yebothetruth

Me and yebo investigated marilyn before Evan Rachel Wood named her abuser.

What we found is shown right in this video. The story hasn't ended numerous people, are coming forward and surely more are to come. But the conclusion has been decided
Marilyn cannot hide, the secrets are out.... now all that's left is for the pieces to fall into place.

Once the veil drops you see what was behind the layers.

Manson Exposed, for all to see and this is just a small part.You may see manson as the bad guy, but he is simply a part of something larger, more conniving a lie so deep that even some, of the people involved don't know the true scale. In my eyes manson is involved, he knows what's up but he also is the product of it. Let's get the truth out, step by step...




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Methods to Heal Cancer