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Undoubtedly my favorite bop of 2020 was “Pow Pow” by Elris 

Not only is it a ton of fun, but it’s packed with harmonic complexity, revolving tonal centers, and manages to cycle its entire form in one minute 🥵🤩 

Stay tuned for a follow up analysis video, where im gonna dig into some of these concepts. It should help any musician expand their songwriting toolkit😇

And I hope you get a kick out of it! Thanks for watching ❤️🎵
Finding your unique voice, both personally and musically, is an ongoing process filled with trail and error, lots of self reflection, and most importantly a desire to continue growing. Recording “The Lonely Socks Club” was a 6+ month process of deliberately exploring what I want to bring to the table musically. In general terms, it’s an amalgamation of styles: blues, jazz, neo soul, rock, fusion - and techniques: chord soloing, bends, slides, double stops, various harmonic concepts etc. Many of which I’ve discovered on social apps like Instagram. It’s not these techniques that make the player, but how one uses these as conduits for self expression. And I think my musical ethos was able to shine through on this album. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the ☹️🧦♣️ is one click away on my bio! Thanks for listening, and keep jammin’ on ❤️🎵

Oh and did I mention, the incredible @jimmysmith76 graced this track with his horn playing! 🎺This one is a must listen😇
Sneak peak: upcoming YouTube special🌟👀
This winter I’ll be gigging a bit less, and will be focusing most of… if not all of my time on a sh*tload of projects/collabs that have been on the back burner. I’m still in the writing phase for this boi but I am enjoying it so much I had to share! Hope you are well ❤️🎵
Tomorrow night y’all, it’s going down. Some of the baddest m*f*kas will be playing hits from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Come party with us at @theparliamentroom_os !!! @bribradley_music @popebryan @djkrusher
Jamming out w/ the crazy talented @annebanans48329
Shots from the @lewishensley performance at Hart Plaza - I’ve never seen someone rock a show like Louie Lee and my goodness the production was A list 🤩
The squad last night was goated 🐐@ryanneal_music is a rockstar 🔥, I was stoked to be part of the show! And the rest of the band 😮‍💨 @shay.rein @banga_theregman & Jay Ronquillo