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Started off 2022 amazingly, big shout out to for always bringing me out and can’t wait to share my new music with y’all, also @brandenestrada and @taxxanderson freaking killed it on stage with me 🔥❤️

📸: @romanbradf
Had another phenomenal conversation with @decon_official about the rising entertainment in Albuquerque, the evil takeover of Live Nation, avoiding gang wars, and more. Live on YouTube and Spotify NOW 🎙️
This year has been pretty awesome, started a company, got married, got to work with some of my biggest idols, got to see some of my friends blow up, got to travel a lot, Got a new home, and now I can’t wait for the next adventure ❤️🔥
Got to open up for @bluefasebabyy @shordieshordie and @pnbrock at DAYDREAM fest
First off, I want to thank for bringing me back to their festival and letting me open up for @bob. also every performer on the line up was absolutely amazing!!! I will tag all the artists and the media people because each and everyone of them are freaking amazing. ❤️❤️❤️
@itstheredpanda  and @decon_official doing a little collab. Don’t mind our dancing lol
#theredpanda #decon #edm #collab #abqnm #dance #unreleased #music #hashtag
Got to perform at (extremely wicked) in Utah, can’t wait to go back 🔥❤️ 

Thanks for bringing me out: