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A perfect photo to capture a perfect day. @imakitten6666
Here's a pic of an abandoned car near my new house. I don't usually do car photography but it looked too interesting not to shoot.
I'm surprised I haven't posted this yet. I took this a few months back when I was setting up some lights. Mash Potato walked up and practically demanded a head shot. So either way enjoy a picture of Mash Potato.
I've had this one kicking around for a while. This has been through the editing process a few times, but I hadn't finished with anything I was super happy with. There's a good chance I'm going to give this a shot again in the future. But for now enjoy this decapitated teddy bear I found at an banded place in the desert with @imakitten6666
Did some digging through some photos again and found this pic from December 2019. I forget the exact location but it was a cool abandoned complex.
Been a minute since I've posted. Took this back on Halloween. I was scrolling through some old pics I haven't posted yet and this one caught my eye. Decided to do a quick 5 minute edit.
We're engaged!

I'm not really great at posts so I'll leave it to the essentials.

I love you so much Katey and I can't wait to start this new chapter in our life ♥️