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Happy Sunday Pumpkins!♥️

I thought it was a bout time I had a little rebrand around here, I also missed having a theme☺️

Nothing is really gonna change much just feeling fresh for the second half of the year! 

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend so far

Gylt - @tequilaworks 

Ok, why have I never heard of this game before? I found it while browsing steam this week and it’s so good! A little spooky, a little creepy and a little cute art style. what’s not to love? 

I highly recommend this one but there a couple  warnings for certain topics so you can check them out if needed!☺️

I hope you’re having a magic weekend!


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Mid-week ✨treats✨

Oxenfree 2 - night studio 

As a really big fan of the first game I’d been waiting on this one a while and was it worth the wait? Absolutely. 

You play the character Riley who has come home to Camena 5 years after the event of the original game. Riley gets a job studying radio anomalies with her colleague Jacob who knows a lot about a lady who lived on Edwards Island.. 

It’s a choice based game which changes up this dialog and endings depending on what you pick. So pick wisely! 

I personally really enjoyed  this game and at times I’d almost get a stranger things vibe. I’d highly recommend this game if you’ve played the first, enjoy mild horrors, like decision based games. 

Have you played Oxenfree? What did you think(no spoilers)!

Have an amazing day my loves🧡
Good Morning Pumpkins🎃 

I’ve got my coffee.. 
Got my cosy clothes on.. 
Got my games.. 

I’m ready for the dayyyy🙌

Let me know what you’ve been playing recently in the comments!🧡
Road 96 🪧

A really interesting spin on a decision based game that gets your brain thinking, I was hooked within the first 10 minutes of playing☺️

Have you played Road 96? 


Okay let’s talk controllers.. 🎮

Since switching to playing PC more often I’ve been reaching for my @powera_gaming Spectra Infinity controller. 

I love how customisable the LED colours are with 3 colour zones you could match it to pretty much any set up, it’s also been super reliable and feels nice to hold. 

However, I’m trying to minimise the amount of wires I have everywhere so I’m also on the look out for a wireless controller.

If anyone has any recommendations I’d love to know! Nothing too fancy though please🧡