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she bangs, she bangs 💃
From when I first got her to this morning! 4-5 months old at this point, Luna is seriously a too-playful tornado of a kitten... but (sometimes) a sweetheart. She's my second cat as an adult, and having a cat that's not touchy and hyper all of the time is new. My other cat may hate her, but I have fun with the chaos. 

Although she did spill my pop all over my mechanical keyboard on Thursday. Still trying to clean it 😢
I wanna get it pierced for real 👀
She's so cute 🥺 Meet Luna!
Happy Halloween! 🧙‍♀️✨🎃
Cheetahs do The Blep too!

Amazing time at the zoo, I'm still so happy about it! ♥️
Happy birthday, Mimi! I love you so much!