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A random assortment I know but that's the joys of a #libraryhaul 

My bank holiday weekend in a photo. #reading #readingforpleasure #familybbq 

⚔️Slaine to remind me of my mini #2000adcomic obsession as a teen
📗She-Hulk to flesh out the #disneyplus show we've started to watch. The kids know more about this character being players of Marvel Contest of Champions. I seem to have forgotten everything from Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
🚛Alice isn't Dead because I'm sure it's on my #tbrlist felt familiar when I was reading the synopsis. Road trips even scary ones are fun
💀Dark Cities because you can't beat tales of urban terror #horrorfan

I will have to leave this chair at some point...maybe to read in the garden as the weather looks good. 😎

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Totally Agree.

Being in a book shop takes you from the place that you are and into infinite other worlds.  All you need to do is open a book. #bliss 

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📷 Hooked To Books
Why do we venture to the stars?

I finished listening to this book a short while ago and had to share my thoughts.

Sometimes it take a small shift in perspective to realise that you've never consider the full picture.  When reading science fiction, it's easy to believe that when the human race from Earth goes out boldly into the great unknown - they are the dominant race and everything else is alien and inhuman.  Less than.

What if that wasn't the case. 

What if humans were visitors and unwelcome ones at that.  What if we came visiting with arms open, pitching our wares but were technologically inferior and our reputation for division and strife had proceeded us.

No one asked us to come, humans turn up uninvited with the expectation that it would go to plan - our plans of course.  We didn't even consider that other beings have feelings and plans of their own.

These Alien Skies reminded me of the mindless way those with privilege believe their world view is the only view.  There is no consideration for others because they are blinkered.

The short stories in this Black Stars series are variable, enjoying some a lot more than others, this one I love.

Among the themes already mentioned, we touched on love, loss and grief.  How do we process the death of someone whose absence has changed us immeasurably. 

Who are we after they have gone?

I like science fiction that makes me think about the present day and the future in subtlety different ways, including how our contributions and influence may not be in the form we anticipated or expected.

4 stars

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"A cult is like porn, you know it when you see it"

But not everyone sees the tendrils of a cult at first glance and this is what makes Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism a good read - seeing how people get caught up in these groups. That and the fact that it widens the scope of cult to groups who use similar methods to engage their members and dominate their time and attention.

The author narrated this book and it was like hanging out over coffee with a friend. Having a really good conversation with a topic that ran and ran eventually leading to a late lunch and then calling it quits only because you had dinner plans you couldn't cancel.

4 Stars
Full review to follow shortly on blog

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Outstanding, one of the best books I've read (listened to) this year. 

Not because it's about a pandemic to which I could relate but because of the characters who were amazing in their complexity and relatability. Each one, whether reoccurring or featuring once in the narrative, realistically brought the ramifications of this catastrophe eloquently to life.  The narration was spot on.

Practically perfect. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Full review to follow on the blog

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In anticipation of #nationalbookloversday, I read an actual hold in your hand book 😱
To complete the lazy Sunday afternoon vibe,  I put down my phone, kindle, went to the bookcase and picked up a book, and started reading.
Why did I choose the Track Series? *It's been on the shelf since last year. *Eldest and Youngest have recommended it. 
*It's my contribution to sportsmanship after ignoring the Olympics

This YA book series is good, from page one of book one. I was able to say 'Oh it's like this - I'm liking this already'. 

I'm currently on book 2, and can see why Eldest and Youngest really enjoyed the series. 

Real life hits and superbly depicted. 

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What bookish plans do you have for August? These are are mine

I'm probably still mood reading but even so,  I have a few books that must be read this month. 

Stunning covers, wouldn't you agree 😍

A couple of recent releases and some due to be published soon.

Have you read any of these or are they on your #tbr

Happy reading

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