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Evan DuPell

 Los Angeles

Just a musician with a lot on my mind

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It’s coming up to three years since I released my 2019 album Face to Face, but it’s the anniversary of when I was in the studio making it so I think it’s due for a little look back. 3 days was all I needed 🔲 #originalmusic #musician #songwriter
The AMV for my song Right The First Time is out now 👹 Click the link on my profile to watch the full video and take the dive with Kusanagi Motoko 🖤🤸‍♂️ #amv #ghostintheshell #losangeles
IN YOUR HOUSE video up on #youtube 👹 from the movie HOUSE (1977) #house1977 #latestsingle
Thank you guys for all the questions yesterday✨ I answered about 100 questions. Didn’t expect that to happen.  If you missed my response to your question(s), I left as much of the story as I could into a highlight on my profile. Thank you again guys, it was fun. #questions #ngl
Had to make a drum cover for Danny Elfman’s song Sorry from his Big Mess album. It was refreshing to take a little break from working on my new album to make this.  And that box set is probably the best one I’ve ever been able to get my hands on. The album is an absolute masterpiece. Full drum cover is in my links 💀  #dannyelfman #drums 
Another great year from you guys 🙏. Thank you for listening and supporting me ❤️. Get ready for a fun 2023!  A new album is on it’s way 👨‍🎤 #spotifywrapped #spotifyartist
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