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Ezekiel Eyes

 69 Hampden Road, Nedlands, WA 6009

At Ezekiel Eyes, we help people with sore eyes or blurred vision. We spend the time to check your eyes and get to know you thoroughly. We also have an interest in Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes. Our Optometrists are experienced in fitting people of all ages with contact lenses, including babies. If you have complicated eyes, or struggle to wear contacts, we'd love to help! We also offer Dry Eye treatments, including Blephasteam and IPL. We'd love to meet you at an Appointment and improve your average day! Ezekiel Eyes is a boutique, family-owned practice passionate about providing the highest standards of care for eye health and eyewear to suit the most discerning patient. Ezekiel Eyes is a family-owned practice that has been around in various forms since 1916, read about the full history of Ezekiel. Ezekiel Eyes believes every patient is unique, and deserves the best possible individual care. Our team of optical specialists works hard to provide patients with excellent advice so that they can make eye care decisions that suit their lifestyles, requirements, and budgets.


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Ezekiel Eyes