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🎤 Standup comedy meets parenting reality! A month ago, I performed at @knittingfactorynoho as part of @vargusmason’s show, and I shared some musings on raising a child in America as an immigrant. My son was born here, which means he could become a US president one day, but I feel like I’m not fully equipped to prepare him for that future. 😅

For instance, when he had to complete the sentence “I have a dream” for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, his answer was both hilarious and thought-provoking. He didn’t want to follow the traditional template and said he had many dreams, not just one. 💭

This got me thinking: Is the famous phrase “I have a dream” still relevant for today’s youth? Maybe they don’t want to limit themselves to a single vision or destiny. Maybe they want to explore and experiment with multiple possibilities. Maybe they want to dream big and small, personal and collective, practical and fanciful. 🌟

As a parent, I want to support my child’s curiosity and creativity, even if it challenges my own assumptions and beliefs. I want to learn from him as much as I want to teach him. I want to be a bridge between his heritage and his environment, his past and his future, his dreams and his realities. 🌉

So, whether my son becomes a president or a painter, a scientist or a storyteller, a dreamer or a doer, I hope he will always remember that he has the power to dream and make a difference, in his life and in the world. And who knows, maybe one day he will say: “I have many dreams, and I’m working on all of them.” 😎

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