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@paxaus 2023 was, quite simply, amazing! Let’s recap! 🥳

Firstly, I’ve been absolutely humbled by the sheer number of people that stopped to greet me over the course of 3 days. The idea of mixing fitness and gaming is gaining momentum now, but 6 years ago I never thought I’d be recognised as “That Fitness Guy” at a gaming expo 🤩

Massive shoutout to @jackhuddo & for teeing up gym session times with @snapfitnesssouthbank across the whole weekend. It was great to see such support for my area of passion and expertise; Here’s hoping we can build a future of health & wellness based activations to support the gaming community! 💪

If you haven’t followed @gameon_cancer already, then as one of their latest ambassadors I demand it! I had a blast with @classicmiddleton revealing my age as a gamer, but it’s all for the sake of raising funds for vital cancer research 🧑‍🔬

Our little community of fellow streamers is bigger than it’s ever been, never have I felt such good vibes from a group of streamers - Love our Team E-Quality! 👬👫👭

Speaking of big turnouts… I don’t think I’ve smiled so much on a Sunday when Team FFP showed up on a Sunday morning, battling the cold and shoving their excuses aside to get sweaty in one of the most fun group sessions ever! If you get hit, it’s your own fault #IYKYK 😅

Finally, you know what they say about PAX… it’s not the games you play, it’s the people you meet along the way. Thank you to everyone that waved, said hello, grabbed me for a selfie, or smelled my beard (@micheal_risky_). I can’t express how it makes me feel to have all of your support as viewers and as humans supporting fitness. And speaking of support, my most heartfelt thanks goes to my strongest (literally) supporter @iamfallfromgrace 🫶 Together we’ll move mountains, not just barbells.
Amazing crew this morning beating off the morning chill with swinging arms 😂

The FFP crew know how to keep fit during @paxaus weekend! 💪
If you’re travelling and you’re in a major city, it’s honestly really hard to not be able to find a gym and stay on program. Fist bump to anyone that just gets it done 🤜🤛 

Are you making the most of EQ? 🤔

Here’s a refresher course in the sweet art of frequency manipulation using @elgato Equalizer, with some tips and tricks for both new and experienced listeners! 🔊

Is there a more boomer move than sitting down to read a newspaper after a morning half marathon?
Looking forward to more sunny weather here down under, get some more D out on the trails!

#trailrunning #fitness #touchgrass
Changing voices has never been easier with @elgato Stream Deck and @voicemod 🥸 

Who do you want to be today? 😂



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