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Five Pillar Method

Remote coaching for improving functional movement, reducing pain, and living longer


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We are super excited to share with you the ultimate program for improving range of motion, recovery, and joint health!

This program combines basic principles of biomechanics, massage, stretching, and stability work.

Best of all... all 100 routines are FO FREE! 

All you need is 20min and a lacrosse ball. Just press play and follow along.

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Shout out to Scott (@ewertsc) for his effort and support over the last 7 years. He has managed juggling a demanding career as a senior manager in the agricultural industry, raising a family, all while totally optimizing his health & performance under the guidance of our coaches. Swipe to hear more from him and his inspirational story. 
Keep crushing it Scott! 👏

Research has shown that setting an accountability appointment with a peer or coach increases your chance of success by 95%⁣
Easy Weeknight Beef Burrito Bowl courtesy of @madequay ⁣
200g lean ground beef ⁣
3 cups mixed greens (any mix is fine, we used a mix of arugula, red/green lettuce, romaine, spinach) ⁣
1 cup broccoli⁣
½ tbsp olive oil ⁣
8 cherry tomatoes⁣
Juice of ¼ lime⁣
1 medium avocado⁣
30g grated old cheddar cheese (we used balderson cheddar)⁣
1 tbsp chopped cilantro⁣
Salt and pepper to taste⁣
Chipotle Dressing⁣
¼ cup plain greek yogurt⁣
¼  tsp chili powder ⁣
½ tsp smoked paprika⁣
½ tsp garlic powder ⁣
Juice of ¼ lime ⁣
Salt to taste ⁣
Chipotle powder to taste (depends on how spicy you like it)⁣
Preheat oven to 400°⁣
Chop broccoli into bite-sized pieces, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Place on a baking sheet lined with tin-foil. Place in the oven once pre-heated and cook for 10 mins. Then flip and cook for another 5 mins. ⁣
While the broccoli is in the oven, cook the ground beef. Heat a saucepan on medium and add ground beef, cooking meat it is brown (no pink). ⁣
Cut cherry tomatoes and chop cilantro. Toss cherry tomatoes in cilantro and lime juice. ⁣
To make the dressing, combine in a small bowl. Mix until spices are completely stirred in. ⁣
Once the broccoli is done cooking, put the salad together. In a medium bowl, add mixed greens, tomatoes, grated cheese, sliced avocado, broccoli and ground beef. Drizzle dressing on top and enjoy! 
#FivePillarMethod #HealthyEating
Functional strength is best developed with a simple combination of compound push and pull movements. At the core of this movement category is the squat, deadlift, bench press, and pullup. Basing your program around these 4 prime movements will give you the best return on investment. Unless you are a competitive strength athlete, there is no real value in doing any of them more than 3-4 sets once per week. The rest of your program should be designed to strengthen your specific imbalances & weaknesses and optimizing the other 4 Pillars. ⁣
One of the core Pillars of optimizing cardiovascular health is to use varied time domains. Note that varied does not mean random. To give an idea of what effective varied time domains look like in practice…⁣
1) 5 by 4min burst. Slettaløkken Rønnestad (2014) found that 5 bouts of 4min at 87–97% peak heart rate sessions, separated by 4min rest, performed every second week was enough to maintain aerobic fitness during a 6-week off-season period.⁣
2) Tabatas. Performing 8, 20-second all-out exercise bouts followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes of exercise is a tabata. Multiple studies have demonstrated the benefits of building cardiovascular capacity using this format of training, using a wide range of functional movement patterns. Aim to hit tabatas 1-3 times per week. ⁣
3) 5sec sprints. HIIT style workouts centred around 4 or 5 seconds sprints, separated by 20sec is an extremely effective and time-efficient means for building cardiovascular strength. We recommend doing this format 1-3 times per week as well. ⁣
4) Long game cardio. Centenarian data tells us that we live longer by adding low level cardio into our every day routine. This is incredibly beneficial to overall health and serves as an amazing time-saver when you build it into your daily work routine. ⁣
One of the toughest questions to answer when it comes to mobility is where to start, especially if you have joint pain, a history of injuries, and general restriction.⁣
To simplify this, here is where to start…⁣
#1 Pain. Joint pain is obviously a signal that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. The key is to address the point of pain by tackling the surrounding tissues first. The site of pain is the symptom, not necessarily the cause. For example, if you have knee pain, start by looking up stream into the quad and/or hip. In most cases of knee pain if you get the hip functioning better, your knee will feel better. If you have multiple points of pain, start with the joints closest to your spine (ie, shoulder before elbow, lumbar before hip, or knee before ankle). You may actually find that the issues further from your core improve by addressing the proximal joints first.⁣
#2 Disfunction. Second on the priority should be joints that do not have pain, but not functioning within your normal range of motion. Get these joints functioning better before they become points of pain themselves.⁣
#3 Recovery. The third on the mobility priority list should be joints that are stiff from exercises or poor posture. Muscle growth happens from shortening of muscles. If you don’t keep on top of some regular mobility work, you will start to lose range of motion. This can open you up for joint disfunction or injuries.⁣
#4 Maintenance. The final priority of mobility is to focus on joints that not necessarily restricted but need some work to keep moving well.⁣
If you combine this priority strategy with the Five Pillars of Mobility, that is the best way to start moving better.⁣


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