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Β Alberta, Canada


The past can't be changed, but if you could see a glimpse of your future and you feel something is wrong, would you change it? 🌠

Game # 11 complete πŸ™‚ I actually really enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order, and will def. pick up Jedi Survivor when it goes on sale πŸ‘πŸ»
Weekend vibes check: Videogames βœ… Hunter βœ…. What are you playing this weekend?

-> Also, pardon my blurry quality. I don't know why IG is making all my photos blurry, they look perfect on my phone and after I export them from Lightroom. Will double check my export settings & pixels & stuff on my next post
Sea of Stars is coming to Playstation ✨

I get excited when indie gems come out on the big consoles. Especially if they rock a cool retro style à la Golden Sun 🀌🏻, thank you

We have massive open world games coming out too, yes, but there is something about indies that make you feel warm and cozy. Which is what I've been playing over the past couple of months when it comes to SP games... After being overwhelmed and taking a break from games like Tears of The Kingdom.
Final Fantasy XVI! The demo is πŸ”₯ did you play it?
4 games I finished in May β†ͺ️ Swipe to see them all:

- Man of Medan
- Hades
- M+R Sparks of Hope
- The Gunk

I'm also 40hrs in Tears of the Kingdom but no ending in sight, gonna take my sweet time and finish other games in between.
Can you tell how excited I am for this game? 🌿
Only 2 more days for Tears of the Kingdom 🌿