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Redux Vancouver

 105 N Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 4V7

Redux Vancouver service is designed to keep tonnes of food waste and byproducts out of landfills, and thousands of liters of used cooking oil, grease, and fats from being dumped. And it all gets turned into ingredients that make sustainable products. Nothing is important to us. Because when there’s nothing left, we’ve done our job. We’ve invested in the proper equipment, humans, and tactics to meet the very best standards. We’re CFIA, FDA, and organic certified. Our group members are licensed and educated. Our services are completely insured, and Redux Vancouver drivers are blanketed by means of the Workers Compensation Board. The materials we acquire at once help the agricultural industry or get used as renewable electricity. Redux Vancouver takes meals from the farm to retail and back to the farm again in a safe, sustainable circle. When we say nothing is going to waste, we mean it. We accumulate meal waste and byproducts from producers like farms, restaurants, and supermarkets. Then we rework them into elements for animal feed, renewable strength, and hundreds of other regular merchandise. This all contributes to sustainable neighborhood food delivery and facilitates our to stay in the purifier, more healthy groups.


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Redux Vancouver