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Foo Hsien Weng 胡显荣

Hi everyone!! I am Hsien Weng, I am an aspiring singer-songwriter from Singapore. I hope to inspire people and spread positivity with contemporary Chinese music with a mix of classical rhythms and beats. Hope you guys like it!


image for link to 空中星星 Pre-Save Campaign!! ✌🏻🤩✌🏻
空中星星 Pre-Save Campaign!! ✌🏻🤩✌🏻
My new single is dedicated to my grandmother who has influenced & supported me in every way possible since young! Hope you guys like it too! :)

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Grab life by the horns!!

To a more purposeful, more tenacious and more optimistic 2023 ☀️☀️☀️
If I were to go back in time and tell my 7 year-old self, on the day he starts Primary 1, that he will one day graduate from NUS Law, he would never have believed it. My family who saw me grow would know that I took a tremendously long time to adjust to schooling life - even to the point of being sent for counseling. 

What an arduous journey it has been, 25 years of formal education. I remember how I had to forcefully overcome my addiction to computer games back in lower sec, swearing it off after experiencing how poor results equates to lesser opportunities. I still remember routinely “tabao-ing” my neighbourhood Kopitiam coffee at 9pm in JC to ensure that I get enough time for revision, sleeping at 2-3am habitually before waking up at 6am for school. I also remember how many sleepless nights I have had to endure to pull my grades up, after an entire day of juggling tuitions and CCAs, to be considered for student exchange and get at least a second-upper class.

4 years of law school had not been easy. I’ve never been challenged so hard in my entire life, but I’m glad I managed to get through this baptism of fire even stronger than before. There are only 2 responses to adversaries - fight or flight. I’m glad I didn’t choose the latter.

Lastly, I’m excited for what the future has in store. For wherever I go, I know that I have a firm legal foundation and adaptable skillsets imparted by distinguished professors and mentors of the faculty. It is really an honour to be given this opportunity. And I cannot deny that I have grown so much. 

Looking back, I’m just so glad that my family didn’t give up on me and that I didn’t give up on myself. 

A huge thank you to all my family members incl. my uncle and aunties who purposely made a trip from KL / Johor to attend my graduation. Appreciates! 😍 Thank you to my sis @foohsienli for rushing down to Serangoon Broadway a day before to change my gown! 🤩 Thanks to my friends @999sea9 @lzqqzl @yinglish_ @komrade_panda @foreverelf for the gracing this event! 

Thank you @mandasjy for capturing these beautiful memories and doing soooo much to ensure that my graduation day was perfect! I love you so much!! 😍😍
Lyrics video for my single 空中星星 | A sky full of stars is FINALLY OUT!!! [Rotate your screens 😎]

This song is written and dedicated to my grandmother and it was a single released back in 2021! Thank you for all your support be it sharing my songs to other people, telling me that my song brightens up your day or streaming it on platforms like Spotify etc.! Truly truly appreciate it!! ☺️☺️☺️

Even though times are tough and my work and school schedule is really as busy as it can get, I hope to continue writing and putting out songs to share with y’all! 🔥

This year, I wanna chase and catch hold of my inspirations more tightly and not let it slip away. Here’s to more undiscovered beautiful melodies! 

Thank you to @foohsienli for the vocals and also @yojingwen for making this beautiful lyrics video!
Happy Graduation @mandasjy!! I’m really proud of you for pursuing JD and fulfilling your dreams after your FASS undergrad journey! I know that you will be a great lawyer! Godspeed 🤩
Keep going, believe in your own music 🔥
Many thanks to all these amazing people who are a part of my 2nd single 空中星星 | A Sky Full Of Stars (Link in bio) ✌🏻🤩📸.

This song is dedicated to my grandmother who is a huge inspiration & support in my life. The picture was taken in Bukit Timah railway as it reminds us of the good old days where we would take the 9hours train from Ipoh to Singapore in hopes of a better education, life and future. If you listen closely, you can hear the train sounds scattered all over the single as well! Moreover, I wrote this song also to remind myself to spend more time with the people I love instead of being caught up with the hustles of life- trying to earn money, trying to excel in school, CCA etc. There’s no end to all these things. Ultimately, it is one’s family who will see one through life- the good & the bad.

I have blended classical piano, rap and traditional Chinese instruments to try to create a new genre called 黑暗中国风 in this song. I hope to make more songs which come from the heart, defy genres & break rules🔥.

Female Vocals and featuring artist: my sister Hsien Li (for singing this song and many others to come, go like her Spotify Artist page!) @foohsienli

Producer: JianLiang (for being so patient & going through more than 10+ sessions and edits for this song) @vertacollective @theotherjl 

Cover Art: You Quan (who did < 10+ drafts, editing & reediting to get all the correct colour contrast for me since 2020) @you.quan 

Videography for Spotify Canvas & BTS: Amanda See (hours before lockdown 2.0!!) @mandasjy

Lyrics & Melody: Hsien Weng @foohsienweng 

For being an inspiration: Yan Kew @yankewlow 

Link in bio ✌🏻🤩

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《不肯说再见》NUS Red Cross Youth 25th Anniversary Theme song. 1995-2020. 
The song attempts to encapsulate our 25 years of adventure, friendship and struggles.
To my committee, thank you for being with me through this 1 year, I really can’t describe how much joy and laughter you guys have brought to NUS RCY. This is not goodbye, it will never be! 
24th NUS RCY committee- Foo Hsien Weng, Christina Siau, Yap Yan Pheng, Winnie Pang, Varun Shaji, Dylan Francis, Charlotte Lim, Liew Shaun Kheng. 
Lead vocals: Foo Hsien Weng @foohsienweng, Foo Hsien Li @foohsienli 
MV Director: Liew Shaun Kheng @burgerkheng_ 
Lyrics: Winnie Pang @foreverelf, Foo Hsien Weng @foohsienweng 
Melody: Foo Hsien Weng @foohsienweng

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