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Summer at home. We do love dogs and a sing along.
Devastating news, fans: COVID strikes again as we are sadly forced to cancel our gig. Shattered we shouldn't share our amazing new work with you, but those are the times we live in.

Those of you who have already purchased tickets will receive information about refunds shortly. Hopefully we will have new things to share with you in the not to distant future.
Gigs are back! And we're lucky enough to be supporting the incomparable @rackjonesmusic at @theworkersclub so be sure to come on down!
More songs ahead of the gig. It's going to be so much fun. 

This is a song called Lie Down. When we recorded this we were still in lockdown, it had been a crazy long day, and the song was nothing if not cathartic. 

See you 8pm on Sunday. Either drop into Small Time or tune in on Facebook!
Another track ahead of our gig! 

This is a weird little instrumental which stemmed from another song that's been left on the cutting room floor. 

So much fun to play! Still haven't landed on a name though...
Ahead of our gig at this Sunday we thought we'd put some tracks from our last livestream out into the world. 

Here's On Command #2. 

Shot at @bakehousestudios with borrowed GoPros and phones taped to mic stands. Thanks to @connorb_h on sound, we're lucky enough to have him helping us out on Sunday too!

Shout out to @dusk_media_official for help with the edit as well!
Third time's a charm! We're (finally) playing at Small Time next Sunday 28th November! 🎶 Come have a bev and watch us 🍻. If we're shit, you can heckle us from behind soundproof glass 🔊. Win win! #bestofbothworlds #hannahmontana #bae 👱‍♀️👩