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Fragmented Psyche


Last year, with the chaos of our “personal stressor” and our wonderful girlfriend losing both of her dads within weeks of each other (the universe is an asshole), we didn’t do as much autumn/spoopy season things that we normally enjoy doing. And we missed it so much, because this is our favorite season! So this year we are doing our autumn activities and making October our spoopy themed month with spoopy movie nights (we watched Trick or Treat the other day!), spoopy books, and spoopy games! What are you doing for this amazing, cozy season?
On Saturday, October 7th, as we blow out another candle, we are reminded of the warmth you all bring to my life. You’ve been our North Star through the darkest nights, our cheerleaders in every battle. You’ve seen us at our worst and still believed in our best. Your unwavering support fuels our fight, your love fortifies our spirit. Here’s to another year of shared laughter, tears, and triumphs. Thank you for being a heartbeat of this journey 💜💜💜
🎪Step right up, folks!
This October, we’re peeling back the curtain on illusionists in the digital big top. Part 01 of our article series is live, and it’s a cautionary tale you won’t want to miss. 🎭
But ah, the real spectacle? That’s reserved for our members-only article (yes, there are two articles released today…one of them is publicly available and features “The Big Content Creator”) where we delve into True Tales of Deceit - stories so personal, they’ll send shivers down your spine. 🕸️ Plus, arm yourself with psychological insights that could save you from the ringmaster’s tricks. 🎩 Ready for the full show? Link in bio 🎟️
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In the quiet corners of life, we’ve unearthed our loudest triumphs, each one a crescendo in a symphony of resilience. 🎵🌟 From the confines of a single room, we’ve penned a journey with ink of grit and pages of perseverance, stretching our narrative to boundless horizons. 📜🌅 Intrigued by the chapters yet unread? The ink’s still wet, and the Melody of words awaits you. 🎶📖 Want to know the full story? Let’s continue this conversation where the coffee’s always hot and the community’s even warmer. 🌱☕️
To journey further down this rabbit hole, follow the breadcrumbs in my profile. 🕵️‍♂️👆🏼
What’s been your proudest moment this year? Share your triumphs below and let’s celebrate each others victories. 🎉👇🏼
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Two years in a one bedroom apartment with my child taught me more about life’s essentials than any grand estate ever could. We,ve navigated right corners and tighter budgets, all while privately fighting a life-altering battle that’s tested our mettle in unimaginable ways. Yet, here we are - stepping into a larger space, both literally and metaphorically. Your unwavering support has been our cornerstone, turning chaos into peace, and upheaval into stability. Our latest Ko-Fi post delves into this transformative journey, a testament to resilience, community, and the incredible power of collective love. 

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Under the weather but finding solace in the cozy corners of virtual realms. ⛈️
Today, it’s all about nurturing the soul with a sprinkle of immersive gameplay and a dash of imagination. From the comforting clicks of my keyboard to the vibrant landscapes of #faefarm, I’m embracing the simple joys that being a smile to my face. 😌 it’s a little reminder that sometimes, slowing down to savor the small moments can be the most healing journey of all. 
If you’re craving a dose of coziness, smiles, and community, feel free to join our little haven of joy. 
💫 Stay cozy, stay joyful! 💫
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6 months, today, without you @shrlysystem. We miss you so, so unbelievably much. Words can’t ever fully express how we feel.