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Fuse Christmas Party

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Summer is loading & what better way to end the year than with the FUSE SUMMER PARTY next week Friday

We'll be having:
- Glow-in-the-dark dodgeball
- Ice-cream bar where you can have ALL the ice cream your heart desires
-Tons of toppings
- Insane games
- Sick prizes

£5, link in bio! Don't miss out 🔥🎉
The weather is looking like it's a great night to hang out at Fuse! ☀️
Fun · Games · Fuse Challenge · Tuck · Real Talks · Worship · BE THERE!
Last Friday, we had the incredible opportunity to partner with our ForMK team and welcome @thamesvalleypolice to Fuse! This was an incredible opportunity to grow in our understanding of the police & what they do. Because after all, we ARE stronger together!
GET READYYYYYY! Set your alarms ⏰ £20 Fuse Challenge, Real Talks, Tuck & the best place to be on a Friday!
Shout out to our incredible group of Fuse Leaders! This is only part of the team, we couldn’t make Friday Nights happen without them. We appreciate every single one! 👏
How we’re feeling knowing Friday is tomorrow 🕺💃🎉🥳👏🎊 don’t forget to sign up for the Stronger Together event tomorrow!