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 Changing the world one ☝️ story at a time 🕰️
Myisha is a patient advocate in the advocacy community she’s dedicated hardworking selfless she’s been featured in msnbc and is a wego health award finalist in 2019 (known as social health network ) she works closely with the Crohn’s and colitis foundation as a task force member and lobby’s on Capitol Hill to create change and awareness myisha is a cancer survivor and inflammatory bowel disease mom of 4 kids two girls 19,18 two boys 13,11 and the wife to Robert King what she wants others to understand is that there can be no change if we don’t first change ourselves SO SHE CHANGES THE WORLD BY MAKING SURE NO ONE FEELS ALONE LIKE SHE DID WHEN SHE WAS FIRST DIAGNOSED she’s received recognition from the mayor of maryland as well as a proclamations from the state of Arizona and Baltimore county, maryland I was given state of maryland honor from the mayors from Baltimore maryland Crohn’s and colitis awareness week December 1-7. And my advocacy work With certificates Myisha lives with Crohn’s disease,diverticulitis and copd she’s a breast cancer survivor and covid 19 survivor