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Parker Conrad all the way live, one of the first speakers ever at our new YC SF office. Wisdom bombs being dropped
When @bchesky comes back to speak at YC it is always magic
Unlocking success: Create a product that can make money for you while you sleep!
Underrated but Unbeatable: A $275M healthcare startup success 

Check out the full video on YT!
In my latest video, I sat down with my colleague and YC Group Partner, Surbhi Sarna, to discuss her journey into building nVision Medical!

Full video on YT now!
Running a company like an F-22 Fighter Jet 🛩

Check out my video with @pratapranade, CEO and Co-Founder of Arena AI.
The importance of micro decisions in business.

“Applied AI for Pricing: You can’t be everywhere but your AI co-pilot can” up on YT!

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