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Genji (Blood Dealer)

 Canada: Nova Scotia

( Discord Genji#7215 ) Hello my name is Genji and i sell blood! I've been a blood dealer for 6 months, here is my FAQ: Q: is your blood fresh? how long do the vials sit around? A: Each Vial is made to order and as fresh as shipping allows it. Q: Has your blood ever been used in a rituals/Spells? A: I still have virgin blood, and it's never be used in rituals, so far just necklaces and on keychains Q: What size vials do you sell? A: One 10 ML vial for $30 and 30 ML vial for $50, Mini 3.5 ml vials for keychains/necklaces, $8.50 Q: Blood type? A: O+ Q: What is your diet? A: Omnivore Q: Race and age? A: Native American And 19 Q: Do you plan to sell bigger vials A: No. I don't have enough blood for the demand Q: Why are you selling your blood? A: It's nice to give people a clean way to obtain human blood Q: Are you religious? A: Nope. Q: Do you have any diseases/stds? A: Nope, and i will send bloodwork of lab-test for Diseases/STIs.