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Gideon Gold

Acquisitions Director at London & District Housing


A brief trip to Bournemouth…
Highly recommend @thenicibournemouth to anyone. Great location, service and the heated pool was amazing.
See you again soon!

#bournemouth #break #thenici
Thank you Cannes, you were amazing! Loved it but absolutely knackered!!!
Met some proper people, had a great time, ate too much and definitely ready to get home and back to normality. 
#hotelmartinez #cannes
Back on the running! (More of a jog!) Time to lose the belly!!!!

Ok it wasn’t quite 5k but did it in 28 mins one lap round the park and bloody freezing 3c, so happy with that. 

#run #jog #london #regentspark #positive #healthy
Amazing company night out!
It started off as fun and suddenly became very competitive!!!
#london #team #fun #monopoly
I took the day off to spend it with my boy
We went go karting for his best friend, Nathan’s birthday and he was amazing, big thank you to our hosts @nats_pixiedust and Dan. 
Amazing time out from work, (actually had a deal exchange today!!), sealed with a boys dinner out and loads of ice cream!! 🍨
Big congratulations to my good friend @nathankhider on the opening of @yourcoffeehub
Wishing you every success and hope you smash it 💥 💥 💥 
Make sure to look it up

An amazing experience and networking event filled with excitement, competition and totally action packed!

We are hoping to raise a decent amount for our chosen charity, Myeloma UK.

If you or your company fancy joining the action, let me know!

#property #networking #experience #event


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