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The countdown is over 😢🖤 Halloween tomorrow and October went by so fast!!

i’m upset because I had an entire week of spooky season activities planned but life said “i don’t think so”
😭 I spent the entire week sick at home which at least gave me time to watch horror + halloween movies. I also got into the starwars movies finally!!! 

anyway I plan on making tomorrow as festive as I can make it 🎃 At least now I get to decorate for christmas  next week which is always something I very much enjoy 🎄

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he’s just a baby 🥺🖤🤍

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I blame myself for having high expectations of the new exorcist movie lol I felt like the trailer made it seem like it would have many creepy scenes but they pretty much shared all the scary stuff on the trailers.🥲

Still i guess it’s a good movie to watch during spooky season. I’m also excited to see the five nights at Freddy’s movie, it looks good!!! And yes I did sneak chic fil a into the theater 😂

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Starting the first week of October with the black and white bedding🖤👻 excited to use all my new Halloween blankets this month! 

Happy October 🎃 
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Sooooooo apparently today is the 14 year anniversary for The Vampire Diaries and even though I just watched this show last month for the first time I just wanna say my life has been changed and CONSUMED by this show lmao 🧛🏻‍♀️ 

I’m not even joking I dream about this show EVERY night since I first started watching it 🥲 I also took this pic a few weeks ago and never uploaded it because I didn’t really like it but I guess I can upload it now since I saw today is the VD anniversary!

I also want to point out that I finished all 8 seasons already lmaoooo and I have a lot of opinions that I mightttt share on TT later😅
Alsooooooo I love Stefan but I’m soooooooooooo obsessed with Damon
I’m team Salvatore brothers but for me I’m team Damon lol 

#thevampirediaries #vampirediaries