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Global TIES

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Global TIES partners interdisciplinary teams of UC San Diego students with nonprofits and NGOs to co-create solutions to socially urgent problems in San Diego and the developing world.


Say hello to our amazing TAs this academic year! They are working hard to make our programs as fun and engaging as they can be :)
Our first ENG 100L Poster Session of the year is here!!

Join us on Wednesday November 1st to learn more about the projects our ENG 100L students have been working on this quarter. You can ask questions about the projects, learn more about our Global TIES program, and enter a raffle for FREE MERCH!
Remembering Ray Guardiano, a cherished mentor and friend whose light shone brightly in our hearts. His unwavering dedication to the Global TIES program left a lasting impact on the lives he touched. Ray's passion for sustainable energy solutions was contagious, and his guidance inspired countless students to dream bigger and work harder.

Through his involvement in the Global TIES Baja Solar Water Heater project, Ray empowered the team to design and install multiple solar water heater systems, improving the lives of countless children in Tijuana. His commitment to creating a brighter future for these children was unmatched, and his efforts have left a lasting legacy of hope and warmth.

Join us as we gather to celebrate the remarkable life of Raymond A. Guardiano. Together, we will honor his immense contributions to the Global TIES program and remember the warmth, kindness, and determination that defined him. Let us cherish the memories and stories that highlight his path.

Ray’s Celebration of Life:
📅 Date: Sunday, June 25, 2023
⏰ Time: 2 pm- 6 pm
📍 Marina Village Conference Center - Baja Room, San Diego, CA

In our hearts, Ray's spirit lives on, reminding us to dream big, make a difference, and strive for a better tomorrow. We welcome you to reply in the comments below and share your favorite qualities and memories of Ray.
Congratulations to all of our Global TIES graduating seniors! 🎉 To celebrate you, we are hosting an event on June 8th! There will be Ike’s Sandwiches and Global TIES stoles!! This event is for any student that has ever participated in the Global TIES program! Please RSVP through the link in our bio so we can hold your stole! 
Join our team and be a catalyst for social change!
Here we have students from the ENG 100L “One Village Philippines” section working on a prototype for a solar-powered cart to charge cell phones during blackouts caused by natural disasters. In the video, the students are sawing a hole into a cooler to make space to attach USB ports that people can plug their phones into.
Meet our Global TIES family🤎 This weekend we finally had our New Year’s party! Mandy, the Director of Global TIES, kept up her Christmas decorations for two months for the event!


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Final Presentations
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