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Grace + Christine = Gratine/GratineTwins. We are self taught artists and creatives. Started at age 10, now sharing our Artistic Thesis to engage the mind to think without boundaries, allowing you to engage your intellect while expressing our creativity.


When art meets technology 

The Renaissance period, which spanned roughly from the 14th to the 17th century, marked a significant shift in the intersection of art and technology.

In this document we study the comprehensive exhibition from the New Age #renaissance – The Renaissance World Tour that encompasses visual arts, sculpture, architecture, even spoken word interludes and music.

Image credit: @beyonce

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We're thrilled to share that we've submitted our artwork to @thehugxyz Open Call for Billboard Display at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo. Your support means the world to us – please vote for the Kudu as it continues its journey across Billboards.

From the Vision board to the Billboard. Blowing The Kudu Horn To Becoming Unstoppable Warriors!

#TheHugOpenCall #ShibuyaBillboard
We decided to embark on a storytelling journey. Exploring the world of NFTs through the lens of a train station analogy. Join us in this imaginative exploration of how NFTs bridge industries and spark curiosity. 
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Our journey in embracing innovation and marking our presence in the digital art world

It was an insightful Women's Day we spent yesterday at Usurpa (Africa's first Fine Art NFT Gallery), delving into the world of NFTs and blockchain technology.

The set was amazing, with ambient music and great appetizers. Also, connecting with fellow attendees and artists was an enriching experience. Having them share their artistic journeys with us was inspiring. With panel discussions from the intro of blockchain to AI, Art Law, to creating NFTs.

The passion and curiosity to experiment; these creative minds are a testament to the boundless possibilities of the NFT space.

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In a realm of conformity, these warriors emerge as beacons of authenticity, sparking conversations that challenge the ordinary.

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As we reflect on the meaningful morning spent at Girls in Tech, we're filled with a sense of inspiration and purpose as we journey in the tech space.

We met a group of amazing and confident women who were just as passionate about tech as we are. The discussions covered the need for a more inclusive space to level the playing field and empower all aspiring women in tech.

Seeing things from a different perspective was truly eye-opening, reinforcing the importance of supporting and uplifting each other in this industry.

Together, we can break barriers and create a more inclusive tech community. We're so grateful for the connections and insights gained from this event. Here's to supporting, collaborating, and inspiring each other every step of the way.

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"Don't ever forget that I said it
If ever they ever had shown you the way then I paved it
Say that I said it, they passed the baton I pushed on now we on
Now we made it mama we made it the reason they higher (higher)
F*** what they told you my calling is higher
There is no proof I require
Beginning and ending No way I retire"

From our Vision Board to the Billboard!

Our DREAM has Finally come true! Our Violet Spinel Gemstone Kudu from the Kudu - The Crowned King NFT Collection was showcased on the Times Square Billboard @tsxentertainment 💜💜 By ArtSpace Innovations, Curated by The Holy Art Gallery

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