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 Oakland, California

Peace. I'm a hip-hop MC & rap enthusiast looking to build a community with other heads & artists. Lots of new content coming in Nov. -- let's connect!



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image for link to Music Instagram. Updates soon!
Music Instagram. Updates soon!


going thru old photos & came across these joints from the 2009 las vegas convention, that @jookiest and i attended together, showing the beginning of my "rat race" project with @jessesmithtattoos. this was 9 hours and we did around 45 for the whole piece. notice the difference between the stencil & tattoo? i ended up having him use my birthdate (may 9th) on the rat -- to kinda symbolize myself as the rat.
holy shit! charles cartwright blessed me with a "con safos" tattoo!! if you know, ya know! ❤️ huge thanks to my man @pmtattoos for making this possible!
it is what it is, isn't it? 🤷‍♂️
content warning: holiday post.

i don't celebrate a lot of holidays but i also don't believe being a grinch about 'em accomplishes anything.

instead, i just try to find my own value; create my own traditions.

so, yea, i made this cactus tree.

happy days, y'all. ❤️
healed rose. thank you @timhendricks -- it's a beauty & the perfect style to stand the test of time on my neck. thank you @mark_sandstorm -- always comin' thru with dope photography!
"DEAR MAMA". I lost my mom 16 years ago to addiction. She was only 48. I don't know if I'll ever heal but I do know my love is forever. ❤️
picked up this killer original from @dominicholmes_art a while back. he crushes it in general but i especially love his compositions, textures, and push/pull techniques! check him out. 🤘