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My name is Carlos.. I go by Grizzly, I am a content creator and streamer for twitch. I am also a video editor, musician and slight photographer. I try my best to make content to get people smiling and laughing. you could say my comedy is not for everyone but if you want to give it a try links down below can take you where you can see me and my content.





If you ain’t bumping this one at least once tonight you ain’t Latino. #MisterChivo #frankenstein #Meskins #Latinos #AlaMadre
Lolol how we doin it right now
Oh!  them Yu-Gi’s Hoes 😏
Nice little round after work to end the day😌..

#LoneStarDisc #tumbleweed #discgolf #GrizzlyDisc
I got frustrated and started spamming the go live button because well it did say “Try Again”.. and look at what this PoS just told me.. 

Facebook Facebook can I please get some damn assistance.. I been like this for a fucking week..