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Guards On Call Of Dallas

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At Guards On Call of Dallas, we have been operating since 2015, and our focus is on providing exceptional security services to our clients in Dallas TX. We believe that our proactive and community-based approach to identifying crime threats and reducing crime risks is what sets us apart. We are proud to offer highly trained and exceptionally experienced security guards in Dallas, Tx, including off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel who possess unparalleled skills and training. Our company specializes in providing customized security solutions at an affordable rate, ranging from basic guard patrols to workplace violence mitigation. At Guards On Call, we have strict standards for our licensed security officers. Each officer is handpicked from a pool of many candidates and undergoes extensive background checks, FBI fingerprint screening, and periodic evaluations. We believe that our customer service, personal relationships with our clients, and the relationship between the security guard and property manager are unparalleled in the industry.


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Guards On Call Of Dallas