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HAAM Porter

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Gamer, Geek, Hufflepuff from Melbourne, AU. New to the stream thing. Stop by and join in on the fun!


Ready or not, here comes mama! 💄💋 trying to channel my inner vida but looking more like chi-chi 🤣 Only a few more days to go and so far $21,750 has been raised. Come on guys get behind it! Regardless I will be continuing to make a complete tit of myself in support. #lipstickit #lipstickittotheman 🥰Donate 💄-
🎎💄Now just so u know I got paid a lot of money for this and it only aired in Japan....

No excuses lipstick is for men too! I'm putting my mouth on the line for women's heath. It's would be 🤩"SUGOI" (great, wow, amazing, etc.)" if u joined me in the cause or threw a 💰dono-arigatou my way!

I would be forever DOMO-ARIGATOU! 💕
🫧🫧🫧Kicking it old school at the local Laundromat🫧🫧🫧
On May 11, I'll be joining men around the country, putting my money where my mouth is by rocking some bright lippy and Lip-Sticking It to women’s mental health issues.
I myself have been personally impacted by depression and have had to watch a number of strong ladies to whom I idolise suffer with mental health issues also.
Some days it's just not feeling like getting out of bed and wanting to face the world and others its much much more than that. Feeling helpless, insignificant and worthless. Not wanting to go out in public due to feelings of judgement or just feeling overwhelmed like all eyes are on you.
But the saddest part is most days not wanting it to show or accept something is very very wrong because most people will just not understand, fob it off or scoff at u because it's not a "real illness".
I'm not wanting people to donate the world. I will take any donation big or small or just the simple words of encouragement. 
This is something I want to do for me to show all who are suffering that you do matter, your loved, heard and very much appreciated!
For anyone interested in donating you can do so at the link below.
My subtle attempt to get to organise my first D&D session with the boys. No longer a dice virgin!
13 year olds these days sure know how to party!!! 🥳🪩🔥💕🐼 Happy Birthday @your.local.lucy.64
My new keeper of the keys! Was hoping may have had a squirtle or snorlax also. #bulbasaur #pokemon #nerdlife