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Hal Walker

Hal Walker is a musician from Ohio. TikTok sensation. Host of This Moment in Music. Creator of Low Key Gliding. Mayor of Banakula Village on Discord.


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Got to spend a few days with the national treasure that is  @halwalkermusic 
His instrument is called the khaen (pronounced “can”) and it sounds otherworldly.  Thanks Hal for letting me make a pilgrimage to come play with you!! I got to play the khaen myself a little, maybe I’ll post that too if I feel brave 😅
#bassplayer #khaen #uprightbass #musictherapy #universallanguage #viral
Which do you prefer? #lowkeygliding
I have #psoriasis #psoriasisawareness
Low Key Gliding #lowkeygliding
A trip to the @haymakerfarmersmarket
Substack Ep. 58 is live now. #livinginabody #linkinbio
How to play the #jawharp