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harper gordon

 Toronto, Canada


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the lead singles for three albums im very proud to have executive produced. 

1. “standards” by @seagoooooo 
2. “no sound” by 
3. “drive faster” by @nianadurata
@tinosutra x @seagoooooo x meee

out now - dance music all 2023
waiting room EP - a 13 minute story that started in my little notebook so many years ago, when my mom first got sick. thank you to my dear friends who helped me bring this to life. 

recorded at good karma studios, toronto. available everywhere. 

in partnership with: @cultnation and @the_orchard_

written and produced by harper
co-executive produced by cvre

with help on:

piano: cvre
guitar: cvre & aaron paris
violin: aaron paris
cello: jordan lomeli
drum programming: ankur sinha, luca polizzi
additional: ankur, luca, rui, miles gordon
mix: john garcia
master: john garcia & dep
cover art: ankur & seago
drawings: rachel mendelson
heavy lifting bts: rob woe, geneviève l’herbier & keiley jose
london taking its toll
justin bieber is the only colour in my life