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harper gordon

 Toronto, Canada


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@applemusic gave me a playlist todayy

appreciate you aaron & co. for really caring about what goes on behind the scenes. i’ve been studying my heroes through these playlists forever. 

proud to have made the majority of these songs with my friends.
first show ever.

thank you @schoolnighttoronto 

photos by @rl.serrano
styrofoam - shot by @dearbish @marioffs 

little movie next month
styrofoam - out now

a single for my solo project. written by me

guitar & bass: @reggordon 
drums: @jahwilliamson 
add prod: @therealcvre 
mastered by: @alecness
lately: applying for a car (proof of competence included)
99 nights @charlottecardin - out now. 

i got to help produce a couple on here. 

track 7 .. “somebody first”
track 11 .. “daddy’s a psycho” 

my mom brought me to see charlotte play in grade 11, and then again a couple years later… now we on the albummm

congrats gen, laurie, jason and charlotte. long time coming 🎈🎈

(strings by the certified @aaronxparis )
i told them… @burnaboygram - out now

title track is produced by telz, me, and kofo.

it hurts my brain just trying to grasp the concept of being a part of this project… with a @therealgza appearance too?¿