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image for link to Zephyr 1: Ft. JT5K
Zephyr 1: Ft. JT5K


Check out the latest article on the event of the year, @5xfest. With 5 back to back events, spanning Metro Van at large, it was a monumental undertaking. 

Yet they thrived in the chaos and provided 5 unforgettable events. 

Thank you to @niteshift.studios for the graphic. As well as all the acts who made the events all the more meaningful.
First post on the new blog, and first as an independent. 

Thank you to @itsjt5k for the interview, and @brandongill10 for the photos. 

It's always interesting to see the breadth of talent between our Canadian coasts, and JT counts among them. 

Link in Bio!
New article with @zeustate out now! Featuring one of the best photographers we've ever come across, @zeustate (Tatum MacLean) decrypts the meaning behind her ethereal visuals and the meaning behind her name. We were invited into a whole other world while we sat down with Tatum and we're sure you'll feel the same. Link in bio for the full read, written by @hashnain 🤍🔮

One of the loveliest conversations we've ever had, we're still in awe of the day this interview took place. In this episode of AVE ACCESS, we were able to learn about her internal transformation both as a musician and a human, what her latest EP "Milly" means to her, how choosing this musical career is taboo within her own culture, the "truth" about her birthday and how her beginning discography cultivated who and where she is now. Click the link in our bio to watch the full interview! We love @amaalnuux 🤍

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23 blessings from the most high
Quick recap before the next round of articles get released & a thank you to the artists who I was fortunate enough to dream with. 

Godspeed to the crew,

@bijancelani & @newtonestudios 
Dawn of Star-Studded Angels 

@migsakarenzo the Prodigy

@boslen On the Chaos Of Reaching A New Level

@sevinkasran The Rise of Sevin Kasran

@parisplayedyou The Question & The Answer

@adv_enes & @mattmenacis To Journey Among Many

Special, special shoutout to the @theavemedia, @jaym0ses on the graphics and @28flair as chief editor & photographer. Wouldn't be possible without them.
two A's to my name, and a couple more in the cap... 

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