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Hot Mango Undies


Production is underway and we’ve started with our solids so there moving along.
Currently our artists fabrics are shipping later than expected but will hopefully arrive by Friday. In the mean time we are working on solids and staple prints ❤️
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Trying to clear out the last of our ready to ship stuff and I’ve marked all our clothing down by $10-$30 (items marked will say “on sale”) and you can get an additional discount with code SPRINGCREAM when you spend $130+
Just apply at checkout ❤️
Also, we will be attending our first in person market April 8! We more than likely will have mostly hair towels and larger clothing items but there is a possibility for some undies and bralettes. It would be rad to see/meet some of y’all in person.
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Choosing to be grateful above all things ❤️
Running and creating a small lil piece of your heartwork is a strange and beautiful experience. The ebb and flow is a real thing with things like this. It’s impossible not to notice. But truthfully I think it’s noticeable everywhere, not just here.
We’re all struggling in some way, it’s not just us makers or small businesses, it’s everyone. It’s all of us. And the best we can do is be soft to that reality.
It’s easy to want to question my work, question myself, and question my ability to create. That’s easy. But when I do that I find myself thinking I simply am not good enough to do this work and that it takes a special kind of person so do this. And it’s not me.
BUT the truth is, I’m good at my work. I put a lot of love, and effort and attention into my patterns, and my fabrics. I want to make things that help people feel good about themselves and about their bodies. That’s why I’m always asking for feedback and re-working my patterns to suit y’all needs.
It’s easy to look at the ebb and flow of the work and assume it’s got something to do with me. I think every maker assumes it’s them at first, it’s only human to do so. But when we look at the reality of our current situation, all of us are struggling somehow and that will impact the communities we work around and serve. It’s important to understand, at least for me, that what I’m experiencing is more of a COLLECTIVE struggle than it is a personal one. This takes some of the weight off of us makers when we see the ebb and less of the flow because we’re looking at a whole, rather than just yourself.
I’m incredibly grateful for the last 3 years because they launched us into a place I’ve only ever dreamed of. Staying there has proven to be quite a struggle with traffic on IG in the single digits, and closing our Etsy store due to Etsys high fees (our undies would have to be 20% higher in cost on Etsy just to cover the fees) but we aren’t giving up any time soon. Im grateful for every order, as it tells me that there are people who still trust me to make their undies. For every dollar as it tells me I am supported and loved. Thank you so much for buying from us ❤️
Today is your last day to order in our March MTO and we’ve brought Jaquestraps back now that I’ve figured out how to adjust the straps!
Jaques are made to lift the butt and air out the inner areas. Designed with a flat or pouched front depending on your anatomy, and lined for comfort.
The straps are adjustable through a snap at the front. You can choose to tighten the straps by snapping them down closer to the front, or loosen them up by about 2 inches by snapping them further away.
I had to temporarily retire these due to my misunderstanding of my own measurements for my pattern and had to re-write the whole thing to understand what I did wrong. Now that I’ve got it sorted, they’ll be available for MTO whenever we are.
We close for MTO TODAY at 10pm pacific time (1am east coast) and go immediately into production TOMORROW. It’ll take us anywhere between 15-30 days to make and ship everything.
Keep in mind I do take days off while we are in production to keep my mental health from going south. My days off EVERY WEEK are Friday-Sunday except for weeks we start production since I already had some time off. So NEXT week forward I’ll be taking Friday-Sunday off. with scheduled time off I’d say we’ll be shipping around April 8-11. This could change if we have to order more fabric if we run low. But as y’all know, I’ll keep you posted.
In case you needed the boost to buy your own period undies ❤️
MTO available through tomorrow at 10pm pacific time.
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Leafy… a love story ❤️
Leafy is available any time we are open for MTO, including until Friday this week 😊 the trunks are my personal favorite style and what I choose every day to wear.
Available up to 5xl!
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Don’t forget the guys when you order your undies ❤️ Evan is wearing @ljmartist Eggs-celent pouched undies this morning while making his breakfast.
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