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 Tasmania, Australia

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twisted lime : 20th july 2023
thank u soo much @millie.crouch for the amazing shots
This has been by far the best piece of music I have written and I’m soo excited that it’s finally out, making a total of 5 songs off the album now out to the world.

I know it’s progressing slowly, but I’ve come to realise the music I am making is coming from a place with the moment, and I want to express those moments truthfully in release format as well. This album is all about character development, growing as a person, breaking the mental barriers of self doubt and pushing past the negativity of others trying to tell you you can’t do this or that. I hope when it reaches its final stage that that vision will be seen.

Thank you to everyone that has listened so far and those who continue to support me. Piracy is now yours on Spotify, ITunes, and Apple Music
Thank u to everyone whose gave Piracy a listen. Here’s a photo from when I first teased it live back in May. Keep streaming, link in bio.

New music with @kepler_209 and @lildonnyofficial September 1st
Fed into fiction / believed it like a religion. Piracy - Out August 17th
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Do I lust for love or just crave attention?
Piracy - 17th August 2023
twisted lime : 20th july 2023
twisted lime : 20th july 2023