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File System Hierarchy for Linux OS 
✔️Describe the general file system hierarchy of a Linux system.

🔹/ -  The top-level directory is the root filesystem and contains 
  all of the files required to boot the operating system before
  other filesystems. 

💊After (/ Root ) boot, all other filesystems are mounted at standard. 

🔹/etc - Configuration files for installed applications.

🔹/bin - binaries files (Contains essential command binaries).

🔹/sbin - executables used for system admin (binary system files).

🔹/boot - files required to boot the Linux OS., kernel executable 
 (static bootloader).

🔹/dev - facilitate access to every hardware device attached to 
  the system (Device files).

🔹/lib - Essential shared libraries and kernel modules.

🔹/usr - Secondary hierarchy.

🔹/mnt - Temporary mount point for regular filesystems.

🔹/media - Mounting point for removable media.

🔹/opt - Optional files such as third-party tools.

🔹/tmp - Temporary files.

🔹/var - Variable data.

🔹/root - Root user folder.

🔹/home - Home user's folders.

🔹/srv - Data service provided by this system.

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