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Am always interested in the what and why this brand exists. Ever since I was a student, I was always intrigued at the business cases that tell of the stories of the companies that we are going to study. 

This is another story, one about a beverage that aims to take on the behemoths in the industry. 
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Got the inspiration from @homebase.singapore and thought they are doing a really good job! So I wanted to do something similar as well for some of the local businesses out there in Singapore. In a way there could never be enough marketing right? 

Anyway, check them out for some chai :)
P.S. will try to do something like this more if time allows for it. 

#localsg #homebasedsg #supportlocalsg
Snack break anyone?
Had a sleepless night? Or spent your entire day glued to a screen? Then maybe it’s time for you to rejuvenate your tired eyes with a mask! 

To read the full review, simple download and open the IMO app 👀

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Here at InMyOpinion, we value feedbacks and want to support our small local businesses as much as we can. Hence, we’ve tied up with some of them to come up with our very own cashback campaign! 

So now, you guys can receive cashback every time you make a purchase with them (#supportlocal). All you have to do is leave your reviews on the IMO app 😌🤳

Detailed instructions can be found in the second picture, so swipe right ➡️ Alternatively, click the link in our bio! 

*Cashback amount up to 15% of the product’s cost price
**Users will be notified of the amount in their account upon every valid review with the home-based businesses
***Cashouts for users require a minimum amount of $5 in the users’ account. 
****InMyOpinion will only disburse $100 worth of cashout to users each week
A very big thank you to our wonderful sponsors @brownie.artisan @sanwraps! The success of our last giveaway couldn’t have been achieved without your lovely items. So to our IMO community, do check them out and #supportlocal 👍

And speaking of that, our #cashback campaign is still ongoing so do post your reviews on the IMO app and let us know what you think!

More details can be found in our bio, just click the link👆
Our giveaway is finally here 🎁🎉 This Christmas, stand a chance to win an amazing gift box filled with spectacular items - that you voted for! Swipe to view the complete list of items in the box.

And we’re not kidding, one lucky winner will stand a chance to walk home with everything!

Here’s how you can participate:
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*Giveaway ends on the 26th of December, 2359
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