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👏🏻🥋Small recap of our Board Break Seminar 🙌🏻 Amazing job to everyone that participated and trained for over an Hour ! #iaminvincible
🥋Happy Monday Everyone! Second Black stripe week! See you on the mat 🙌🏻
🥋Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. We can’t wait to see you in class 🙌🏻🔥
🥋 Get ready to unleash your inner warrior! Our school tournament is just around the corner on November 10th & 11th, and we want YOU to bring your A-game. Show off your skills, break those boards, and leave your mark in the ring. 💥 Don’t miss out - register now and let’s make this tournament one for the books! 🏆🔥 #invinciblemartialarts
🏆 Get ready for an epic showdown! The Inner School Tournament is just around the corner.Let’s get ready to earn some medals. registration are open ! Check email and app. Nov. 8th last day to register ! 🥇 #InnerSchoolTournament #invinciblemartialarts
🥋💥 Breaking Barriers! 🥇👊 A massive shoutout to our dedicated martial arts students who have leveled up to their new ranks. Your discipline, focus, and perseverance are truly awe-inspiring. 💪🥋 #InvincibleMartialArts#LevelUp #DisciplinePaysOff
🥋 “Countdown to the next challenge! This Friday and Saturday, we will be putting our skills to the test in pursuit of the next belt rank. Make sure to register ! 🥋💪 Let’s do this! #MartialArtsJourney #invinciblemartialarts #Dedication” 🥋🔥