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Custom FreshestKicks for my BAYC #3035 🦍 

Artist: @sonz1 + @cherryd1 
Shoe: @adidasoriginals Superstar

@freshestkicks.eth ⚡️ 

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Raise your flag 👇🏼
WTF 😳 Brutal attack on CZ by Economist Nouriel Roubini who described crypto and some of its major players as an "ecosystem that is totally corrupt."

the New York University professor said there were "seven Cs of crypto": "Concealed, corrupt, crooks, criminals, con men, carnival barkers," and finally, Binance Chief Executive Changpeng Zhao, ‘CZ’ 😳 

"I can't believe that CZ and Binance have a license to operate in the UAE. He's banned in the U.K., he's under investigation by U.S. Justice Department for money laundering.”
A great summary for those wondering what the F has been happening.
The talented @Cryptopia75 on Twitter turned my Ape #3035 🦍 into my Doodle #7468 🌈 

BAYC Flipped brim ❌ Doodles Hoodie ❌  Doodles Neutral Note

@welikethedoodles @boredapeyachtclub
Finally acquired my forever ape! 🖤 
Always wanted a clean flipped brim. 

@boredapeyachtclub #boredapeyachtclub #boredape #boredapeyc