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 Charleston, WV


All over the valley today.  Currently, ACW- Finish What You Started #ProWrestling 

Appalachian Championship Wrestling
With Santana Maynard – I just got recognized as one of their top fans! 🎉
Maximum Velocity Wrestling has a featured women's match @ the Putnam County Homecoming Festival this year.

September 9th, Winfield. #FreeShow

Megan DeFrancisco v. @dani_jacx_
#AndNew #NWA75 it's @kenzie_paigeh who ends the 813 day title reign of NWA World Womens Champion @kamillebrickhouse

@kfw_wrestling_123 bread champions. #PrettyEmpowered is running the NWA Women's division.
Late #Caturday
So, a lot happened this past week. 

Yesterday felt neverending but for good reasons. Today was recovery. Going to start next week off with continued momentum from everything. 

I will miss the Legendary Terry Funk & the Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda).

We keep being reminded life is short. Make memories, on Friday, August 25th I made some @ Time Warp Ashland.

It only took 28, not 37, years to come full circle. 83 Weeks