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Justin Brown

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Cofounded Ideapod, The Vessel and Brown Brothers Media.


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The Art of Love and Intimacy
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In the never-ending hustle of city life and urban cacophony, I'm starting to feel a profound yearning deep within.

It's this sense that life has more to offer than the relentless buzz of notifications, the ongoing pursuit of material gain...

... A pull towards something authentic, something untouched.

I have this feeling that there's more that life has to offer. More to explore beyond the well-trodden paths.

Adrian Volenik's article on ​off-grid adventures​ brought this feeling back to the surface.

I've been dreaming of transformative adventures ever since my last Oazis trip in Brazil, where I walked barefoot with 10 others through ​the sand dunes of Lencois Maranhenses.​

Transformative adventures are about ​more than just escaping city life​. It's about allowing oneself to be opened up and changed from the experience.

I want to see the untouched corners of the world, to experience the cultures that aren't so well-known.

I crave experiences that transcend the ordinary.

It was this feeling that resulted in a recent trip to Ireland. I'm planning my next adventure and will share more here with you soon.

I know I'm not alone in this ​desire to see the world​ in a way where it's not about ticking items off a checklist but immersing ourselves in something far more enriching.

Many of us have the feeling that there's more to life than the relentless cycle of wake, work, and rest. 

Deep within, I feel the pull to explore, to embark on adventures that resonate with the soul.

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Killarney National Park was spectacular
Had a great time visiting Dingle in Ireland, the town from where my ancestors lived in the early 1800s and sailed to Australia. Absolutely stunning coastline and a beautiful town. Enjoyed visiting with @febrancante and @rudaiande and looking forward to coming back with @jeanette.c.brown one day.
The incredible Giant’s Causeway
Exploring Northern Ireland
Dodder Walk 🇮🇪
People in eastern cultures are less likely to go through the midlife crisis, as compared with people in western cultures. I’m sharing this based on my own observations from living in Singapore and Thailand. Further reflections in the YouTube video. #midlifecrisis #eastvswest #iversuswe