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Karin Lewis, MA, LMFT, CEDS

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Recovery Bites


This week, Karin welcomes Kaitlin Shimer, MSW, LCSW, eating disorder therapist at KLEDC, to the show for, "Acting Towards Our Values."

Tune in as they explore the false belief that multiple treatment stays are an indicator of helplessness, the intersection of eating disorders, ADHD, and substance abuse, peer-to-peer healing, the complexities of eating disorder recovery and food allergies, the function of avoidance, “symptom swapping,” the benefit of Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), and much more.

Kaitlin Shimer, MSW, LCSW is an eating disorder therapist at the Karin Lewis Eating Disorder Center (@karinlewisedc), located in Boston, MA. She has worked in the eating disorder field for over nine years, with experience as a residential counselor, group leader, and recovery coach for eating disorder clients from all backgrounds. Kaitlin uses the insight gained in her past work combined with her own lived experience to compassionately show up for her clients.

Kaitlin strongly believes in every individual's ability to recover and live a life they genuinely value. She works with clients of all ages, though does have a special place working with adolescents. Kaitlin is passionate about trauma-informed care, ACT, DBT, and body-based interventions. 

You can listen to Kaitlin’s episode by clicking the link in our bio, at and on all podcast streaming platforms. As always, thank you for listening!
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This week, Karin welcomes Kate Kendall, one of Australia’s most well-respected yoga teachers, to the show for, "The Space Between."

Tune in for a discussion on the ways eating disorders weave through one’s life, little T trauma vs big T trauma, how shame can leave one imprisoned, the healing that comes with sharing shame, the difference between being “well” and being “healthy,” the innate need for support and connection, and much more.

Passionate about teaching the art of slowing down through yoga, meditation and writing, and one of Australia's most well-respected yoga teachers, Kate Kendall is the Co-Founder and Director or Yoga at @flowathletic in Sydney. She's also the author of, "Life in Flow: Inspiration, Sequences and Poses to Bring Yoga into Your Everyday Life," where Kate shares her advice and experiences here about the vast benefits of "living in the flow."

Outside of teaching classes at her studio and internationally, Kate, having survived a 27 year-long eating disorder, feels most recently pulled to sharing her own experience with others facing self-esteem and body confusion in the hope that we can heal together.

Learn more by visiting @activeyogi.

You can listen to Kate’s episode by clicking the link in our bio, at and on all podcast streaming platforms. As always, thank you for listening!
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This week, Karin welcomes Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, MEd, psychotherapist, international, award-winning 8-book author, and popular blogger, to the show for, "Words to Eat By."

Join us for a discussion on courage and perseverance in recovery, external motivators and internal motivators, the notion of “wanting” and the challenges it can pose for those with eating disorders, the concepts of “reality” and “recall,” the importance of finding a sense of self in recovery, self-care vs self-caring and much more!

Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed., is a psychotherapist, an international, award-winning 8-book author, and popular blogger. Her books and blogs are known for their humor and practical wisdom. Karen has 30-plus years of experience in the field of eating psychology, teaching chronic dieters and emotional, binge, and over-eaters to become “normal” eaters through using a non-diet, non-weight focused approach to eating intuitively and creating joyous, healthy, meaningful lives. Her media experience includes scores of TV, radio, print, and podcast interviews.

Karen lives and practices in Sarasota, Florida, where she provides in-person and online therapy. Learn more by visiting her website at

You can listen to Karen’s episode by clicking the link in our bio, at and on all podcast streaming platforms. As always, thank you for listening!
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This week, Karin welcomes Jessica Grosman, MS, RD, LDN, RYT-500, Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Yoga Teacher, to the show for, "Dropping Into Your Body."

Tune in for a discussion on the shift from disordered eating to an eating disorder, the challenges that arise when disengaging from dieting, identifying disordered eating in a diet-focused culture, how yoga is more than a physical practice, the importance of self-compassion, the BYB model, and more!

Jessica Grosman, MS, RD, LDN, RYT-500 is an experienced weight-inclusive Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Yoga Teacher. Her patient-focused nutrition therapy centers on helping individuals re-establish a comfortable connection with food and body, most often after years of living in Diet Culture. Jessica is a member of ASDAH and uses HAES principles in her compassionate care. 

Jessica is a faculty member of Yoga for Eating Disorders and Befriending Your Body Certified Professional; where she guides the virtual group recovery program helping individuals recover from the traumas of years of disordered eating behaviors. Passionate about disentangling Diet Culture from yoga, Jessica’s mission is to help practitioners preserve the sanctity of yoga.

Prior work experiences include culinary education, recipe development and cookbook recipe testing. Jessica is a wife and mom, an avid cook and baker, an enthusiastic traveler and a voracious reader. 

Learn more about Jessica’s offerings by visiting 

You can listen to Jessica’s episode by clicking the link in our bio, at and on all podcast streaming platforms. As always, thank you for listening!
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I am so excited to welcome Emma Moody, eating disorder recovery coach, to the show for the latest episode of @recoverybitespod, "The Art of Untangling."

Tune in for a discussion on choices rooted in self-hatred and limitations versus choices rooted in healing, disambiguating your illness from yourself, self-empowerment goals, sifting through the messiness in recovery, how body standards create mistrust in ourselves, the entertainment industry’s body standards, acting and art in recovery, and more!

Emma Moody, of SonderSelf Recovery, guides those struggling with their soul embodiment to see themselves, and their journey and open their mind to find compassion for their body and soul. Emma is a CCI certified Eating Disorders Coach with over three years of coaching experience working with clients all over the world.

After struggling with eating disorders for more than half of her life, Emma eventually leaned into her gifts of empathy, and intuitive guidance to take it a step further by integrating her recovery lessons with clients of her own. Through lived experience and a humanistic lens, Emma helps hold space for the humanness of others while offering a place to feel safe and seen. Learn more about working with Emma by visiting

You can listen to Emma’s episode by clicking the link in our bio, at and on all podcast streaming platforms. As always, thank you for listening!
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This week, Karin welcomes Courtney Gioia, mindset and body image coach and CEO of Loyobo FIT, to the show for, ”Joyful Movement.”

Tune in to learn the meaning of Loyobo, taking off the pressure of fitness, the ways poor body image messages are relayed to children, exercise as “punishment,” the notion that being smaller makes one desirable, defining body positivity, how movement is not “one size fits all,” and more.

Courtney Gioia is the CEO and founder of Loyobo FIT, a virtual community dedicated to helping women to ditch diet culture, find joy in movement, and to finally figure out how to love their body.

Courtney's own journey with health and struggles around body image/weight loss inspired her to become an ACE Certified Fitness Professional. She learned the hard way how broken our views are towards women's bodies and how the formula the fitness industry presents as "the answer" keeps us stuck in a cycle of shame, guilt and self-blame.

Her mission is to prove that there is another way, to help women step out of the struggle and into self-love! She teaches women how to ditch diet culture, how to heal their relationship with food and movement, and how to take the stress out of self-care. She wants you to see that you are MORE than a body and have the power to define health for yourself. 

Courtney recently launched Love Your Body, a 12 week coaching program to help others break free from diet culture, love their body at any size, create a vision of health and wellness that works in real life - right now. Learn more at

You can listen to Courtney’s episode by clicking the link in our bio, at and on all podcast streaming platforms. As always, thank you for listening!
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We are honored to welcome Melissa A. Fabello, PhD, board-certified life coach specializing in sex and relationships, for the newest episode of Recovery Bites, ”Skin Hunger.”

Tune in for a discussion on the intersection of eating disorders and sexuality, how a woman’s sexuality is “stolen” from them, restricting sexuality, understanding the full-scope of sexuality in client work, the Five Circles of sexuality, touch at all ages, the concept of “skin Hunger,” politicized values, and more! 

Melissa A. Fabello, PhD is a sex and relationships educator, as well as author, coach, and digital creator, who uses her backgrounds in educational development, holistic life coaching, and sexology to help you be in right relationship to yourself and others through clarifying your values, building new relational skills, and owning your truth. As a queer femme, she believes deeply in the power of community care, which is what her work is rooted in.

Melissa believes that relationships are political. And in her various educational work through social media, workshops and support groups, and writing, in addition to one-on-one coaching, she makes it her goal to warmly, but firmly invite others into conversations around sexual and relational wellness that prioritize values alignment within a liberationist, abolitionist framework.

Melissa holds a PhD in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University, where her dissertation research explored how women with anorexia nervosa make meaning of their experiences with sensual touch. Check out her groundbreaking book, “Appetite: Sex, Touch, and Desire in Women with Anorexia.” She also holds an M.Ed. in Human Sexuality from Widener and a B.S. in English Education from Boston University.

You can listen to Melissa’s episode by clicking the link in our bio, at and on all podcast streaming platforms. As always, thank you for listening!
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