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Working on the artistic side. Digital Paintings/Drawings Dental Photography Photography


What a great night it wass with these amazing people !!!
Standing In The Light
Gotta wonder who's smoking behind me 🤔.
Shot by the talented @nawall.mustafa ❤

Let's appreciate the beauty of the last one with @pakanbh ❤
Gave a good vibe !
Some crown and bridge work from uni requirements with @nawall.mustafa 
turned out pretty cool, hope you like it. 
Where do we go, when we let go....
Thank you @rozyarrr
Many Untold Thoughts. 
With @tavan_salar
Will be doing more street fashion sooon
Discipline, Dedication.
Thanks Dr @ali.jalil91 for letting us use your camera.
#photography #cinematography
Some of my favorite dental shots that I took today.
And yes, I do need more lights 🤫
#dentalphotography #dentistryart
Some of my favourite shots from @ismile_dentalsummit 
Had a lot of fun there 😊
Thanks @pakanbh @rozyarrr and @halwest.hjh
Sith versus sith
May the force be with...
Coming at ya with a Star Wars fan art
God I loved making this.
I uploaded a nee video too on youtube, hopefully you like these as much as I do. 

#starwars #starwarsvisions 
Oh wow another post, how is that possible hahaha
Had so much fun creating this, and I love the end result.
And yes a new video on YouTube too, link in bio
Thanks alot for the support on the last one ❤

#digitalart #conceptart #drawing #painting #painting3d
Hello everyone !
It's been a while since I've posted anything and it feels pretty bad not gonna lie haha
I wanted to try out to upload videos to youtube for a while, but didn't have the courage to do so
But now, ahhh now
I recorded a video of this painting (Which I'm really proud of) and with some commentary (Which might pretty bad)
But I wanted to try out something new
I liked the process which's always important to me, had alot of fun the whole way
Hopefully you find it interesting to check it out, and let me know what do you think about it.
Link to the video is in bio.
Thank you all ❤
Glad to announce that I'll be working on a music project with the talented @paiwastbechar
We wanted to do a small teaser for it, you can watch it on youtube, link in bio ❤