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Kashif Pasta

Writer + director | Making positive work about serious problems | Producer at @dunya_ca | Investor @seedandspark | Board @VISAFF |


TIME TRAVEL TOUR PT 2! If you’re on the East Coast, this spring is full of incredible big screen events for DESI STANDARD TIME TRAVEL. Ticket link in bio. 

So grateful for these festivals’ support and connection to audiences and communities we’d never reach otherwise. 

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I directed a movie!! And couldn't be more excited to share it with the world.

It's a Pakistani-Canadian sci-fi drama short with a ton of comedy and heart:
"When a new father suddenly loses his own dad, an opportunity to travel back in time for an evening gives him a chance to end things on a better note."

I was a little nervous going in to my first narrative directing gig since COVID, but our incredible production team in Toronto, and post team across Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle and Melbourne all came together to make something that I think is truly special. 

More soon... but for now, enjoy Mrs. Bhatti, our no-nonsense time travel agent who's tired of your... everything

dir + writer @kashifpasta


prod + @shyamvalera @ericbizzarri

a @dunyamedia production

ep + @johnlalji
ep @iffsatoronto 

dp @dmitrylopatin
pd @_mavp
ad @djameel9 @babycowstudios
wardrobe 2emwajonas
hmu @marsha_makeupstry

prod coord @eeshajohal
art pa @nehaarahman

editor Jasleen Kaur
colour @devanagscott

score @patrickzappia

sound supervisor @jamesmfindlay
sound design / mix @waxmanmusic
sound recordist Sebastien Navarro

story @kashifpasta @shyamvalera @nessingabout 
story editor @ayshaaijaz

key grip @jarrettmurray
best boy + electric @178wolfxx
gaffer @thejasondsouza
1st ac @gurmeetsingh_dp
2nd ac @fakeklonopin

transpo @erli.morning

Sulayman Okhai @flaveofoods 

on-set stills @elana_emer
bts video @true.akram

Special thanks @shaista.okhai @immyyoume @heyitsalexfarah @alyssonhall @brunaarbex @shakiljessa.pdf @onassisfilms @kashifmum @yvrscreenscene @readwithshagufta @abdulkarim.pasta
I first caught Homecoming King at the @cherrylanetheatre in 2015 when I was debating whether or not to quit my job and start my own production company. @hasanminhaj showed me that it was possible to pursue honest storytelling by us for us - a month later, I said goodbye to my last full time gig and started @dunyamedia with @shyamvalera. 

5 years and many stories later, it meant the world to have @hasanminhaj bring us out on stage last Sunday to recognize the journey, and the collaborations we’ve had with the Homecoming King Tour in 2017 and The King’s Jester in Vancouver last week. This is a big tour with a lot of larger promoters involved, so sticking with us as we grow together - in this case making Vancouver the only Canadian stop in this first leg of the tour — it’s the kind of moment that powers you through a lot of the grind. 

All the best with the rest of the tour, @hasanminhaj @jaimievandyke & co. See you on the next one!

(Scroll to the end to see baby us in 2017)
The toxic drug supply in BC massively affects South Asians, with unique causes and a huge need for a different way to communicate with the community. 
Incredibly proud of this @dunyamedia produced series, directed by @nessingabout.

This project covered four languages and the myriad cultural nuances between them, communicating to parents, kids, affected people, their families and support networks. One size does not fit all, and I’m so proud to have built an agency that is becoming known as the place to go when you want to create real, impactful behavioral change. The stakes on a project like this are quite literally life or death. 

To make something culturally relevant, medically reliable and engaging enough to watch is a tall order -  thank you to our partners at @fraserhealth and the brilliant @kulpreetsingh, and @dunyamedia’s team led by @shyamvalera and director @nessingabout for threading the needle and creating what is already one of Fraser Health’s most popular series ever. 

As I type out the credits, I’m realizing we had an all-female, nearly entirely BIPOC production team. There’s probably a way to market that, but it’s really an accident that happens when you just hire whoever is best for the job :)

Director @nessingabout
Producer @nic.altobelli
EP @shyamvalera
DP @mabelengg
EDITOR @jasl.kaurr

these in flight movies are getting reeeaal personalized. DESI STANDARD TIME TRAVEL is on Air Canada all month! Look for it in the “Reel Asian Pulse 2023” program 🎉

@reelasian @aircanada
South Asians striking. Coming from 🇨🇦’s rich history of South Asian labour movements and my years working on union comms with @pointblankca, seeing solidarity in action in my own industry means the world. Thank you to @natashachandel for organizing!!! #solidarity #wga #wgastrong #wgastrike #writerssstrike @sawientertainment @southasiansent
strike baes. Thanks to @inthisjahan for organizing a Muslim writers picket, and to @aliimranzaidi for the hang that I forgot to photograph!! 

#wga #wgastrong #wgastrike #writersstrike #sag #sagaftra #dga #dgc


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