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KCL Albanian Society


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LINK TO FORM IS IN OUR BIO make sure to fill it in to secure your seat ☪️ Join us for Iftar at Gokyuzu next Friday alongside @lsesualbaniansociety and @soasalbsoc 🍽🇦🇱
The KCL Afghan Welfare Society and KCL Albanian Society cordially invite you to their upcoming event, a quiz and games night.

The event will take place at the Jean Hanson Room, Guys Campus, and promises to be an evening of entertainment and fun.

The admission fee for this event is £3 per person, with all proceeds going towards supporting orphans in Afghanistan.

Sign up link ⬇️
Come and join us to celebrate Kosova’s independence this Friday at Guys Bar 💙💛
Our football team stays winning 🎉🎉🎉
Join us this Wednesday for a 5 aside against @uclalbsoc ⚽️drop us a dm if you’d like to take part (kcl and ucl students only)
Winter wonderland 2022 ❄️ everyone is welcome make sure to come along to our last event of the calendar year 💙book your tickets on the official winter wonderland website for entry 4-6pm
Great win for Switzerland ❤️👐