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Klara Vedis

Transmitting insights from the cosmic consciousness into cosmic scapes

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image for link to KLARA – LĀSYA FESTIVAL @ 9128.LIVE

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This original painting was made while listening to my latest podcast for @accentsrecords and it also resembles the artwork for this set!
I love how the flow of creativity binds us in truth & passion towards the arts. 🙏

You can now listen to this journey on my SoundCloud 🔱

Listen to Accents Podcast Series #015 - KLARA by ACCENTS RECORDS ( ^^^ ) on #SoundCloud
Just moved to Thessaloniki for MSc studies! 🌺

I am open for bookings during the weekends...only this time, I will be flying from Central Makedonia. This might be useful for those promoters who couldn't make flight arrangements for me from Skopje to their local venue in the past. hehe

Reach out to me at:

Looking forward to this Autumn season! 💓
“This is a simple invitation to sit comfortably and breathe in bright light. & just for a few seconds, simply enjoy, this inner peace coming from within.
What a humble offering it is to oneself to just sit and observe quietly while the noise from the inner and outer worlds slowly dissolves into a big sound vibration which is merciful cosmic eminence. Jetsun Dölma has compassion for sentient beings and a resolve to save them from suffering. She is the embodiment of light and perfect harmony found within.”

Jetsun Dölma is a conceptual EP made by Klara Vedis with interpretations by @hior_chronik & Toffes Värld and is scheduled to release on Lāsya on September 30th.
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Caught on film :P 35mm analogue photography by 🙏✨☺️
Being nerdy & cute 🌝✨🤍 @beach_film_festival
📷 @savinaleksandraa
Taking over the control systems ☄️

I completely enjoyed playing for your lovely crowd Tirana 💞 I went in all kinds of territories in those 3h and completely loved seeing you responding to it 💫

Thank you for having me and for pulling it all through in a proper way 🙏

Until next time I see you dancing with me again 🔥🔥🔥

**Intro track by @symptm 
**Photos by @ezra_in_europe (more to follow by the team of professionals involved for the evening)
Guided by the divine dance of infinity, representing a time when all beings lived in harmony ~

Humanity coexisting in a spirit of goodwill and harmony ~ 

Adept in meditation, dancing under the same frequency as a collective breath of divinity, all possessed unbelievable strength and longevity ~

Such was the time in Yuga I, for which we have collected souls remembering...
to revive it in the form of vibrational frequency, from all around the Earth as we now know it ~

Uniting as one source of power which is equal to five solar years existing under the supreme personality ~

Under this Summer Solstice, may we all comprehend and invite this universal magnetism back to us, remembering the creative power that sustains the Universe 💫

VA YUGA I releases today on all digital platforms 

Thank you @doltzdeep , @yukageer , @laimaadelaide ,@the_alchemical_theory for co-creating it

to @klara_vedis for the production, artwork, text & mastering

to @onthe5thday & @_____delayed for the premieres 

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