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Lack of a Carrier

 Syracuse, NY

Indie music from Syracuse, NY

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I don't normally post anything that isn't lack of a carrier but happy belated chef day. New music soon. Shoutouts cider mill
But I already wrote all these songs
I'll release a single if anyone can guess what I wrote this on

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From the backseat to concrete... new music and old music in the works
How does it go? I'm losing my ahit. What was the point? I've had it with this. Why does the name still cripple your throat? 

I've been writing music for almost a year now. In that time, I've gotten used with the guitar and bass, I've found my voice, I've tightened my drum chops, and I've learned a lot about recording, mixing, and mastering tracks. My album "Reconcile" is a prime example of how far I've come. Instead of writing new songs, I want to re-record and remaster my older ones.  The recordings I have of them are subpar comparatively. I really want to get the tone for each project dialed in perfectly. With all I've learned about with recording, I can make them sound even better than they are now. It'll be like writing the song all over again but with a better idea of how the end result will sound. Could release some singles or somethin 🤔
I released my first ever full length album. I would love for everyone to check it out. It deals with feelings of uncertainty, addiction, heartache, and not being able to find the words to describe your emotions. This is the best music that I've released so far and this is music everyone needs to hear. If you are in the punk/alt/emo/rock scene, you gotta listen to this. Link in my bio, new single coming soon




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