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Like @marenmorris said — “still summer if I can help it.” 

Twenty-something year old Lesley would probably never allow the internet to see goofy photos of her in a swimsuit. 

Thirty year old Lesley knows these goofy photos are evidence of a summer spent in the sunshine with people who bring me joy.

I don’t want to forget a single second. 

Life as of late 🌞 

So far, this summer has been spent on or adjacent to the water which is right where my little Scorpio soul finds peace. I have more freckles than I’ve ever had in my life and it’s barely July. 

For years, I’ve struggled to make myself care less about the content that I post on my feed. I’ve always felt like I needed to curate it just the right way to showcase my work as a hairstylist, but I always end up really stressed about how things look and then I don’t post anything. 

I think most people who know me would attest to the fact that I am “all or nothing” personified — for better or for worse. This is me attempting to be more “all” and less “nothing”. 

Love you, friends ♥️
In case you missed it ⚡️ 

Sometimes you gotta do a thing that scares you. Sometimes that thing is taking out the extensions you’ve been wearing as a security blanket for years. It’s been over a month and I’m honestly just now starting to feel like myself again. But that’s okay — change is hard and weird and also necessary. Happy summer, lovely humans. 

Love y’all ♥️
This is a reminder to myself. 

A reminder that it’s okay if you like to sit on the floor under a giant comforter while you do your makeup every morning. Being comfortable is important. 

A reminder that it’s okay if you never brush your hair because it feels too “done” that way. Feeling good in your own skin is something you should embrace every chance you get.

A reminder that you can be creative simply for the joy of creating — and it’s a-okay if no one gets it or likes it or cares about it at all. Being creative is an outlet for your brain — not a task that needs to be performed up to the standards of others. 

A reminder that sitting in a sun beam has never once been anything less than magical so find them as often as you can. Even if you feel weird because it’s in the Home Depot parking lot and people are definitely looking at you. 

A reminder that driving with the windows down and listening to whatever music brings you joy is a perfectly acceptable form of therapy. Do it often [and don’t brush your hair after because who cares?]

These are reminders for myself, but I hope they remind you too. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy and I can assure you — without question — that it has nothing to do with fitting into molds that weren’t made for me. 

Happy Friday, friends. Do something weird today and smile your biggest at the people who act like being weird is a bad thing ♥️
Palm Springs for the weekend 🌴

@mad_thebarber: “Wanna go to @trixiemotel for my birthday?”
Me: *books flight*

Then @christophsailer and I became best friends and the rest is history ♥️

I mean it when I say we lived it up from the moment our planes touched down until the moment we were standing in LAX being told that DFW was frozen and all the flights were canceled. And even that shit show didn’t ruin our good time. Thank you for inviting me on your epic birthday trip, Mad! I’m glad you were born and we’ve got some planning to do if we’re gonna top it next year. 

Thank you, @trixiemattel — for creating such a spectacular environment, for employing A+ humans, and for being an A+ human yourself. 10/10 — would recommend ✨

Side note: I had no idea that this was the song I was going to use for this video so I swear I didn’t plan for it to say something about crying the moment I caught myself tearing up in Joshua Tree. Divine intervention, perhaps.
Now I just gotta find a fine tip to get in between the stitches. 

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That fresh ✨holiday✨ hair feeling. 

Also — this is the greatest Christmas song ever made. This is not up for debate 🎄 

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