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Magdeline Huang

 New Zealand

Hello! I'm a Software Engineer and Content Creator sharing about my journey and learnings in tech 👩🏻‍💻


TECH 👩🏻‍💻


We hit 10K on @youtube today! 🥳

It honestly feels so surreal saying this, but thanks to all your support, it happened 🥹 

Special thanks to my family for supporting my content creation journey, watching all of my videos and sharing them (my mum is my biggest fan!!!). Thanks to my friends for commenting on my videos (you know who you are hehe). Thanks to my subscribers and anyone who has ever clicked on a video, liked, commented, shared, subscribed etc. And thanks to God for giving me this platform to share about my journey as a woman in tech.

I have so many thoughts about this whole content creation thing but I'll spare you the essay 🤣 For now, just stay tuned and stay safe 💕

About time I did a post about @notionhq! 🤣 I love Notion and have been using it for the past 4 years to organise all aspects of my life from uni, work, life admin etc.

I've made several YouTube videos on how I use Notion to organise my life, and if you don't know how to use Notion, don't worry because I also have a tutorial! Check out this video

I've also got Notion templates which you can download here!

Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to make more Notion templates and Notion videos 😊

PS one day I'll get @notionhq to sponsor me, but for now I'll be a fangirl and share my templates 🥹

Welcome to another work day in my life! ✨️

Most of my day as a Software Engineer is just sitting at my desk coding tbh, so I usually only film these on days where there's some exciting stuff happening 😀

If you wanna know what I actually do on my computer, check out my "Day in the life as a Software Engineer" video on YT! I share a bit abt what I do as a frontend engineer there.

PS Can we talk about the rain in akl 😩 srsly had enough 🤡

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Audio: Happier than ever - JSON guitar cover

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Taiwan, you've been nothing short of amazing. Growing up with Taiwanese music, dramas, and friends, this is actually my first time in Taiwan. You did not disappoint 🥹

Learning about your culture, history, economical prowess, thriving tech industry, and indigenous people with such an intelligent, curious, and kind group of people has truly been an experience. To be honest, being the youngest in the group and coming from the tech industry, I felt quite out of my depth amidst conversations about cross-strait relations, democracy, and politics, however this only inspired me to further my learnings and discoveries.

Thank you so much to @asianewzealandfoundation, Adele, and @linhdieu58 for organising this opportunity of a lifetime, and thanks to everyone who hosted us so kindly in Taiwan. I will remember this beautiful place for its warmth, vibrance, and resilience ❤️
This laptop sleeve and stand from spark joy 🥹 #adgifted

The laptop sleeve is so slick and slim and even doubles up as a laptop stand which you can use at two angles - 15° and 25°! The colour is a beautiful Sienna Brown 🦊

The adhesive cooling stand helps to ensure my laptop doesn't overheat when I'm rendering my videos or running large programs. You can also use it at 15° and 25° and it's reusable, so you can easily peel it off and stick it on another laptop!

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Laptop sleeve:
Adhesive cooling stand:

Thank you MOFT for gifting these goodies 💕

Disclosure: Using my affiliate links and code above means that I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support means a lot! 🥹

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Unboxing my new M2 MacBook Pro! 🤩

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image for link to MOFT laptop carry sleeve
MOFT laptop carry sleeve
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